Monday 13 February 2012


So I realize I need some credibility before this 3rd party thing kicks in and I can make any isk out of it.

To help me promote the service I had been offered to act as a broker for the unique 'Enigma' that legendary Bastard Tibbs managed to scoop up last week. The item had been valued at 200 billion isk! Unfortunately CCP took the item back.

In other big news; I am currently selling 2 Leviathans pro-bono for a chap leaving the game at 75 billion each and can be sold separately. Both are T2 travel fit and come with a full fuel bay, no extra's. The seller doesn't log on much so a time and place will have to be arranged a few days before. If you know anyone looking for a Leviathan send them my way!

(For more WTB/WTS adds check my 3rd Party website)

Other than that I will offer the service fee to be split with anyone that puts me forward for a sale or purchase until I can run the service all by myself!

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