Wednesday 8 February 2012

Celebrity Death Match #26; Tyrrax Thorrk

The celebrity

Tyrrax Thorrk, a legend of old. Possibly the inventor of most eve scams and betrayals, possibly behind most of them himself in some way or another.

Selling and reselling his super-capital several times over made him famous alone but becoming appointed CEO of his target alliance before robbing them blind would top that for sure.

And of course Tyrrax is the person, the only one, to have had a unique ship destroyed (amongst other rare items) The Gold Magnate, one of a kind famously piloted by Tyrrax was wiped out resulting in some of the most discussed forum threads in eve history. Love and hate for him intermixed, some wanting the rare items stored and secure, some glad it had seen action. And finally Tyraxx heads up the Guilding hand social club, it's members, official or not are responsible for some of the greatest cons in EVE known to date.


As usual I agreed to meet the celeb in the location of his choice, regretting that as soon as Tyrrax explained he lives deep in null-security space. I hate 0.0.

His choice of ship was T1 Frigates, not faction, fitting restrictions were; no damps, no ECM, no faction fittings. The cheap variety suited me well as I was pretty confident I wouldn't even make it to his home-system.

On the morning of the fight-day I set off just before downtime, clearing the first 25 jumps before logging. As soon as I was able to return I continued the remaining 30 jumps, making it all the way to my destination without encountering anyone and only getting stuck in 4 bubbles.

Making a snug safe spot I cloaked up and turned to some admin duties, before logging off.

I returned an hour before our arranged meeting time and lay in wait. D-scan amused me over the following hours as no less than 15 Titans passed through. I waited, and waited. I reminisced some previous CDM's that had resulted in waiting and comforted myself in the fact I once waited for 2 days straight.

After 4 hours however Comms got busy and a small gang was forming led by my trusted right hand man Anabaric and I made the judgement call to abandon. Clearly not keen to traverse the 55 jumps back I self-destructed both my ship and pod.

On contacting Tyrrax the following day he was genuinely apologetic and offered to reschedule and meet at the location of my choice. I initially declined but then contemplated the travel through zerozero and accepted his generous offer.

The fight

After a arduous journey spanning many jumps Tyrrax was reported a jump out from Goinard. Fellow alliance members had been notified of his imminent arrival so they wouldn't attempt shooting him cutting this fight short after all the effort already invested.

Moments later and Tyrrax appeared in the local channel and notified me he was making a safe-spot for us to meet at.

'Ready, warp to me at 0-30, fight on landing'

'Rgr' I replied checking onboard systems one final time before sliding into the vacuum. Pepperspray my shield/ab Rifter was overloaded with more ammo and repair-paste I could possibly need.

Pepperspray is a DPS monster with decent speed, not slowed by armor plates or armor repairers. She also sports a tracking enhancer to get more true DPS. She has surprised many a frigate by out-damaging repair modules and making up for less tank by it's sheer destructive power.

Still unsure of what Mr Thork would be piloting I spammed the Directional scanner as soon as I entered warp, a Rifter. Let's hope he gets within range I wished as I pre-heated all active modules.

As the warp-tunnel closed up behind me I was alone, I franticly looked around me before realizing I had not included fleet members to my overview.

Swiftly correcting my mistake the fight had begun, Tyrrax's speedy Rifter appeared out of nowhere and raced passed my rustbucket, sling-shotting immediately back towards me.

Weapons hot and firing, superheated Phased Plasma shells and Rockets crashed into Tyraxx.
On his return loop and firing his own cannons Mr Thorrk struck deep into my shield buffer, obliterating 25% of it's integrity.

A flurry of damage dealing blows was exchanged before I realized my opponents speed had dropped significantly. In fear of me bringing a kiting fit Kestrel, Tyrrax Thork had fitted a MWD and my scram had disabled it.

Rockets and shells powered through his armor as my shields broke and revealed the thin layers underneath.

But it was too late, held together by duck-tape and a damage control the fight ended abruptly as Tyrrax violently exploded, only wreckage and dust remained as his pod fled the scene.

A short and brutal fight marking CDM's 26th edition. GF!

Lady Shaniqua where arth thou?