Friday 13 January 2012

Roc Wieler, is that you?

'The Watering Hole' provided a hearty lunch and at least average quality drinks. The place stank but service was provided by young Minmatar girls on roller-skates, which made up for a lot.

Anabaric sat across from him, eating a large platter of steaming chicken wings with his hands. Sauce covered his fingers to the knuckles and his left cheek. He was chewing loudly and only occasionally paused to check out what zoomed by on roller-skates.

'You are a fucking animal mate' Nashh directed at him, before sipping his ale.

'Says you' Commander Ana fired back, spitting out bits of chicken and sauce.

Nashh Kadavr shrugged his shoulders, 'whatever'. 'So, what do you think?'

'Chicken's good, service is good-looking...'

'Not this place you derp, Goinard I mean'.

'I'll let you know, we still need some more numbers, I mean our own if you know what I mean...'

Captain Kadavr raised a quizzical brow, 'I know what you mean'. He looked over at the bar where a broadshouldered, bold Brutor stood, working his charm on the female bartender.

'Well I'll be damned...'

'Whut' Ana spluttered.

'I'll be right back, wait here'.

Nashh slowly made his way over to the bar still not sure if it was actually him or not. He wore that same style leather jacket he had seen him in a few years back, although the letters spelling 'The Colonel' where no longer there. Then again he no longer was...

Arriving at the bar Nashh stood right next him and was about to say something as two young Achura girls pushed in between them and asked for the Brutors signature. Oh, it was definitely him.

The Minmatar combat pilot took two pictures from his left inside pocket and scribbled his signature in the bottom right corner. The picture was of himself, posing and flexing his bulging biceps.The girls giggled and blushed but before they were tempted to hang around any longer Nashh interrupted; 'thanks girls, now how's about fuck off hey...'

The girls scurried along, both men staring at them leaving.'I see you still have your charming touch'.

'As do you my friend', Nashh replied.

'I was being sarcastic'.

'I know', Nashh pointed at the orange liquid in the pint-glass sitting in front of Roc, 'what, the fuck, is that?'.

'Carrot juice brother, it's healthy'.

'What brings you here then? I thought you were dead or retired... well either, same shit, whatever...'

'Same as any self respecting man does Nashh; women, combat, booze and a gym'. Roc laughed aloud as he slapped Nashh's right shoulder whilst sipping his vegetable drink through a straw.

'Well if you are not tied to anything we are still recruiting...'

'So I hear...'

'Right, well maybe we should talk?'

'Maybe we should...'

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