Wednesday 18 January 2012

My first pvp video

So I had intended to do this for a while but have lost a lot of recordings and had to work with poor programs to make this one, anyway I dont think its awfull. Obviously I am keen to take suggestions on improving the viewers pleasure, leave me a comment!

Watch the full screen version here.


  1. Extremely well done video, and am even more afraid of running into you now in solofrig :)

  2. Nice video Nashh, not pleased my Raptor loss made it in though:RAGE:

  3. thanks guys, yeah i had more of that korg but its corrupted for some reason, anyway i thought it was a nice clip to put in...

  4. Was that my firetail?
    At least you made more use of it than I did.
    Nice vid

  5. Get a full version of fraps so you can record at screen resolution. Or pirate it. The cost is negligible versus the difference in quality. I know of a lot of people that would advocate for speeding up the game play, but I feel the pacing tied with the chill music was fine.

  6. Buy the full version of Fraps - it's worth it, and so far the updates have been free. A stumbling block is that frapsing full resolution can be quite taxing on the system, degrading the quality of the recording (when I fraps larger than 1680x1050, the recorded audio gets distorted on my system).

    The chill music at the beginning was good (by itself as well as a counterpoint to the visuals), though I would have still sped up the footage, simply because EVE PvP is not really visually exciting.

    I liked the style of the transitions, though I kept looking at the bottom of the screen for the banner - partly general movie convention, partly because that's where all the chats usually are.

    At times I missed a short sentence about the background of the fight, e.g. "I ran across Chribba while ninja-mining, and he challenged me..."

    Overall, a good first effort - better than mine :)

  7. thanks for the comments guys, next one will be better lol

  8. Jag v. Ranis fight shouldn't have been included.

    The Ranis pilot was clearly derping it up hardcore.

    Seriously, in my defense it WAS 630am or thereabouts.