Monday 9 January 2012

Back in the saddle...

The stargate propelled him many lightyears into the next system, the brand new Tengu hull shuddered around him. He smiled, anger and violence coursing through his veins.

'Align bottom station' fleetcommander Baggins calmy notified the fleet. A short pause and the command to warp to zero followed.

The Tengu had not yet been paid for and with his string of frigate and cruiser losses since his return Nashh should probably not be out in a boat of this value. He didn't care.

The warp tunnel enveloped around them, reaching full warp speed before exiting cohesively just above the rust colored Minmatar space-station. At the undock was the target, a Thanatos class Carrier.

'Target deaggressed, target de-agressed' Ghazi informed.

'Approach, overheat, go for bumps' Baggins calmly instructed.

Asakura was the first to make contact, pushing the Thanatos clear from the undock preventing his escape and securing it's downfall.

'Excellent bump!'

A further three carriers undocked in a desperate bid to save their ailing buddy, followed by several battleships. Sustained fire from the 20 man Tier 3 heavy fleet made the support rethink and they chose to re-dock, abandoning the Thanatos to it's fate. A brief standoff followed but it was clear the opposing party had lost the will to fight and thus the fleet thundered on.

A mere few jumps later and the fleet held up 30 clicks from the Todifraun stargate, an opposing fleet was inbound, ship-types and numbers unknown.


'Drake primary, Raptor secondary, Myrmidon Tertiary, scratch that, Baddon primary..'

'They are bailing, no wait, Drake aggressed!'

'Drake primary, call points guy's.'

Comms fell silent for a moment as each pilots overview filled up, gasps and 'oh shits' where muttered. An estimated 50 man strong Eve Uni fleet rolled out onto the battlefield, mixed class ships of all sizes, supported by a few ECM boats.

There was a fire fight...

A flurry of targets where called, some popping faster than could be targeted. Boosted disrupters grabbing hold of whatever they could as Eve Uni members looked disorganized and some tried to flee. Some valiantly stayed to die with their comrades, lighting up bright blue before fading into nothingness. Some of their braver frigate, destroyer and interceptor pilots barged in making a wondrous mess of things before also exploding and propelling their innards into the vacuum.

As the dust settled on the Todifraun stargate and the field was ours to claim the extend of our success became clear. Zero casualties in return for downing no less than 19 vessels in a 3 minute engagement.


The roam continued, engaging Eve Uni once more, claiming a further 5 kills before they tucked in their tails and ran. On route an unfortunate pilot deemed it clever to cyno in a Rhea class jumpfreighter into a system full of pirates. That silly boy completed this successful roam with a bang.

More shenanigans soon...


  1. New Eden isn't the same without you in it, so welcome back.

  2. i missed it as i had to take a piss...

  3. It was a 'Geddon on the gate... Good Fight, Good Fight. :)

  4. Nice to have you back Nash, I thoroughly enjoy you're blog. Keep it up!

  5. What a glorious return! I salute you. :)