Monday 16 January 2012

Battle report - Solar System; Parts.

Attackers; Shadow Cartel Alliance, Kadavr Black Guard

Shiptypes; Recon, Tier 3 BC, Tech 3, Logistics Support

Fittings; Classified

Fleet size; 20

Estimated ship Value; 3.5 billion isk

Fleet Commander; Baggins

Target; Pax Romana, Gryphon League, Darklings

Ship type; Battleships, Recons, Bombers, Tier 2 & Tier 3 Battlecruisers, Tech 3, Commandship, HAC and ECM support.

Fleet Size; 30+

Fittings; Shield, Armor, short-range, long-range, Faction, T1

Estimated ship Value; 6.5 billion isk

Fleet Commander; Unknown

Battle summery;
Our bait Phoenix nearly completed it's third and final siege cycle with only minimal interest from the local inhabitants. As we where about to recall the Phoenix and abandon the project to commence a roam a covert cyno was lit; 20 clicks from the starboard side, ejecting 4 Stealth Bombers.

Shortly after an Arazu Recon class cruiser de-cloaked and also commenced aggression on the apparently stricken Dreadnought.

Local spikes and enemy numbers increase rapidly; Battlecruisers, Battleships and a Tengu exit warp just off the Bow of the giant bait vessel.

Suddenly; (10101) and (-KBG-) enter the field, spreading points, calling the Tengu primary. The initial counterstrike confused the opposing fleet causing some to disband and flee, those that stayed where swiftly slain.

Unorganized and in disarray several combatants warp back to the field at range, mistaking the length a boosted Recons point range, falling and exploding one by one.

A final push is ordered by the opposing fleet commander and a cloud of enemy vessels return to the center of the fight. A flurry of targets is called, points are spread.

Concentrated fire and good discipline pays off as their numbers dwindle, leaving bright blue flashes and smoke-trails as they are dispatched. Several opposing combatants are stunned, leaving their pods on the field for a few seconds too long.

Few manage to escape due to a shortage in disruptors but the battle fizzles out and as the grey plumes of destruction evaporate the enormity of our destruction becomes clear.

'Type losses in fleet' the demand came. Fleet channel remained silent.

Zero losses for 25 ship kills and 4 pods, totaling a rampage worth in excess of 7.5 billion isk.



  1. Obvious bait is obvious.

    People were supposed to warp into the fight, engage the Phoenix and keep up a align for when the bait showed it's teeth. The Thorax-cyno appeared on grid and Cartel Titan-bridged into system. At this point people were supposed to warp out so we could assess the incoming threat. Some people obviously failed at this and the strategic retreat was a bit of a route. At this point we regrouped and a new warp in was called based off of a recon ship that was about to make some pretty lights. The fleet warps in and the Cartel FC do a wonderful job of calling targets and one by one our ships explode under a hail of Tornado and Tengu fire. Things be fucked and a general retreat is sounded.

    It should also be noted that of the 7.5 billion isk of losses, about 5 billion came from a single chuckle-head.

    PvPing with full slaves... I mean... words fail.

  2. Also, Pax and Darklings were there to fight Gryphon League because Duke Ed hired mercs, Pand0ras Box, to put the station in reinforce about a day and a half ago. So the fact that you guys popped Duke and Co's ships made a bad loss sting slightly less; so, thank you!

  3. lol cool, thanks for the replies guys, and yes that damnation was very very overpricely fit, and slaved or not why didnt he spam warp? silly boy...

  4. Lol! Gryphon League are about as fail as it comes.

    I'll have to hook up with ya at some point Nashh and give you a little bit of back history. I tried joining "the" corp in the alliance that are your new friends.

    I'm black balled so to speak.