Wednesday 24 October 2012

All or nothing...

Damnit, I tried not to, but my time is up, I am done, gone, finito, its over....

I a lame attempt to reduce my EVE time I dropped two accounts recently and just played with Nashh but before long I rebought some characters and was back to 3 accounts. I am the 'all-or-nothing' kinda guy, always have been always will be.

So I am making my leave permanent this time, my shit is up for sale. All of it; Four Dreads, a carrier, 7 T3's, 5 Faction Battleships and 2 Blackops first then later this week 12 more T1 Battleships, 6 Recons, 14 Battlecruisers and an assortment of T1, T2 and Faction Cruisers and Frigates.

Alliance members have first dibs on my hangar stuff for cheap for another week or so before the rest will go on he market. 

Oh.. and Nashh himself.

I thought about sticking him through the blender and bio-massing but I figured the isk of his sale will be more benefitial to those I have spend my time in EVE with.

I have drawn up a list of those that will get what remains when I log in for the last time but most will go to Anabaric who has solidly stood behind me, put blood sweat in tears into our time together. An excellent EVE player and a good friend, trustworthy like no other.

I am planning a little leaving party to be held in Goinard, my home for the last 12 months on Sunday 4th November starting at 21:00 evetime. I will be in space in a Carrier and invite all to come and blow me up, and as a little treat will add a sizable bounty on my own head.

Please blog and repost; invite all your friends to come along and their friends and their friends. The more the merrier, and more messy...


  1. Its a shame to see you go. Good luck in rl.

  2. Ouch. Yesterday it was Kaeda Maxwell and today it is my good friend Nashh. Been a rough week for my Eve friends. I know you've been having a rough go of it and I certainly appreciate the decision, I'm a bit of a all or nothing guy myself. So I understand. I also wish you only the best out there in RL.

    I'll comfort myself with the knowledge that you will always be carrying a large chunk of me around with you on your skin. lol

    Fly safe m8 and keep the courage

    1. I think this confirms: Kaeda was/is a Nashh alt. Or is it the reverse? THE PLOT THICKENS.

  3. Sorry to see you go m8 best of luck irl


  4. Another of my favorite eve pilot/blogger leave the game, sad news...but that's life, good luck Nash for your life mate.

    i hope will be in the last photo with my Slasher ;).

  5. Dear sir,
    It has come to my attention (through a somewhat pesky 3rd party), that you and I have unfinished business: the CDM that never was. I realize that it was my own scheduling issues that prevented this, but if you think quitting the game is going to get you out of it, you should know I'll be calling this a win for Aiden ;). So, what do you say? Pistols at noon before you go (don't go!)?

    Sad to hear you're leaving man, and though I wish I could convince you to stay, it sounds like you've made your choice. Thanks for keeping us entertained all these years, and I wish you the very best of luck with the game of RL.

    1. Make sure you all bring your friends to the party, and give the bossman a good send off.

  6. Just had a thought - as a CDM/Nashh send-off, have you considered sponsoring a New Eden Open tournament team with all your no longer needed, ill-gotten gains?

  7. thanks for the comments guys

    see you 4th november?

  8. If you have a lot of small stuff left over, cruisers and frigates, might I suggest one of three destination for their charitable donations?

    Angel project, helping new players Sindel Pelion contact
    Gallente Benevolence Association, ditto, handing ships out to new and more moderate income players Mike Azariah, contact
    Tuskers. Give them stuff for their frigate fest


  9. Hey Nashh sorry to hear that, have a good one!

  10. No Nash, don't. Ciao by Mirtillo.

  11. This sucks. BUt we must do what proves best for our r/l. Best of wishes mate.

    I'll see ya on the 4th, November, 2012. Goinard it is.

  12. Gods, this was far above my weight class! But great fun!

    Good luck in the future, Nashh.

  13. thx for "event"

    was awesome :D