Monday 15 October 2012

Late to the party...

Anabaric surveyed the Corp hangar below him. Various teams where loading or unloading goods and squads of mechanics poured over remains if ships or parts of ships.

Staff was kept busy but on the pilot front it had gone quiet. Many KBG members had requested leave of absence and taken a break planetside. With steady activity in the alliance no real pressure to recruit had presented itself.

A highpitched bleep from his pocket snapped him from his daze, not many people had his private contact details.


'yo bitchface, I need to show you something'

'Well hello to you too, and yes I am fine, how are you?'

The line remained silent for a moment followed by a crackle and a hissing sound before Nashh returned.

'...are you familiar with the loyalty point scheme some agents run?'

'Yes Nashh, a handfull of credits in return for some lame missions. Why, who cares?'

'Well, in return for very little effort it appears that some agents pay a lot. Something about some war or something...'

'How much for how much effort?'

'More than a billion an hour...'

Anabaric paused for a moment before replying; 'I am on my way'.

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