Monday 10 September 2012

Not dead yet...

Those closer around me have known for a few weeks now that I am scaling down my EVE activities. Real life has me by the balls after taking on a new job that is all consuming. In planet-side life I manage restaurants and after relative freedom over the last 5 years I have started back at a 2 Michelin starred restaurant. Working in an environment as elitist as that requires all my strength, physically and mentally to perform at the standards demanded.  The little free time I get off is spend with my 2 children first, then if I am lucky some with the wife as well. With those priorities set, EVE will take a back seat for the next 12 months or so and I have decided to close two of my three accounts.

Kadavr corporations spans across three corps and each have been securily placed in the hands of those that are best qualified. Kirith Kodachi solely runs Kadavr Crimson Guard and my good friend Beaute has taken over as CEO of my Wormhole Corporation; Kadavr Conglomorate. MrMaax has stepped up to a director level in the Black Guards and Anabaric has kindly taken over as CEO.

I have sold off my alts on other accounts and closed off all other accounts other than Nashh himself. To reduce my efforts outside of game I have closed my Gmail, twitter and Facebook accounts. Those I want to stay in contact with have my RL Facebook details or those that want to stay in touch can mail me in-game to swap details. The blog is up and will remain here as I still have posts to make. This being the first of a few this month.

The source of my isk shall be discussed in posts to come perhaps but it is safe to say I am very comfortable in that department. With 5 billion in loans still to be returned to me I am sitting on 25 billion liquid isk, 25 billion in ship hulls and 20 billion in fittings. I love the game and I love the guys I play with and when I log in I intend to just undock in whatever required and participate as much as I can. 

Maybe I’ll return to full active duty in 12 months who knows.

I aint dead yet bitches…

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  1. Which restaurant? And do you do discounts for Eve players? :-)