Wednesday 17 October 2012

Flashy Carebears

'This is wine?' Anabaric complained.

'Shuttit, it's the best this backwater shithole had to offer' Nashh grumbled before emptying his glass and refilling it from the karaf on the table.

Anabaric fancied a drink as much as the next man having worked hard all day, but this? The black liquid swilled slowly from side to side in his glass.

Nashh didn't seem to mind though and gulped down another load.

'Promotion oppertunities must be good for the Ammarians after today' Anabaric joked.

Nashh Kadavr returned a blank stare.

'After us assasinating all those commanders?' Anabaric explained.

'They where Amarrians?' Nashh shrugged.

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