Monday 1 October 2012


So I purchased some Worms the other day to bulk out my hangar a bit more with frigates. My limited playtime doesnt really allow for many fleet roams and thus solo roams is where its at.

I have taken out a few different Rifter fits but even my trusty shield gank fit is not performing in this day and age. Incursii are doing incredibly well in either single or double rep varietys and now by far outclass the once mighty Rifter. The natural progression would then be to get Incursii right? yeah so I did and failed to get any fights because nobody wants to fight an Incursis. Anabaric has been very succesful in an ancill boosted Slasher although flying a ship like that takes more skill than I have.

So I need a ship that can enter minor plexes, ideally have a energy nuetraliser so I can shut down active tanked Incursii, it needs to be fast so I can tackle shit before they run off, it needs to be strong and do good DPS, it also needs to be the kinda ship people dont run away from because its so damn scary.

That is some high demands but the Worm delivers my every need. With two Drone damage mods it gets in excess of 180 DPS, it has space for a Energy Nuetraliser that can run for long enough to kill another frigates capacitor, it reaches 1800 meters per second (overheated) and with a medium Ancillary booster can tank 140 DPS for about a minute.

She flies like a dream and has given me some epic fights, killing multiple Destroyers and Frigates in a single fight, although I mis-timed some reloading this morning and lost the first of three. Shame the hull is so expensive!

[Worm, PVP]
Co-Processor II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

Coreli C-Type 1MN Afterburner
J5b Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler I
Fleeting Propulsion Inhibitor I
Medium Ancillary Shield Booster

5W Infectious Power System Malfunction
Rocket Launcher II,Caldari Navy Inferno Rocket
Rocket Launcher II,Caldari Navy Inferno Rocket

Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I
Small Warhead Calefaction Catalyst I


  1. LOoks cool, I'll give it a try. I love having everything crosstrained. :)

  2. aye! just lost my second one. third fit up and ready to go lol

  3. Hey Nashh great blog. We met one night in Mannar, I was in a dual rep Incursus, Anabaric was with you, gf. I've returned to the game after a two year break, prior to which I was running in a Rifter. But it seems to me that brawling is more to my taste, thus the DR-Incursus. FYI, I've been running without a point after watching Kil2 do it in one of his vids. Seems to work, the only thing I've lost so far is a noob fit Vexor (I've been attacking everything). Anyway great blog.

    Trinity Nova

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