Sunday 16 September 2012

Crime pays.

Crime does pay.

I have been scammed in eve on many occasions, I have been duped so many times, all because I am a gullible fool that wants to believe people don’t mean to be horrible creatures and sell Ravens instead of Navy Ravens.

In RL I am a truly honest person; I have morals and dislike, no, despise those that lie to me or those I care about. Regardless; years of eve life and seeing betrayals, back stabs, lies and deceit in many forms made me wonder if I can do the same. I have thought out many market related tricks that in theory may or may not have worked but would require a sizable investment. Certainly not something I could risk or would borrow the isk for. I have tried scams that have been done before but I lack the patience and have failed.

On a boring afternoon early this summer I tried something against my better judgement and this here blog post is my confession. 

I want to start off by apologising for those that I hurt in the process and those that may now think less of me. Some that wished me well in my endeavours and gave their support have been let down and betrayed. To all those hurt by my actions; I am sorry, I hope you can forgive me.


Supercapitals in Shadow Cartel alliance come and go. Some buy them but sell them again sometime later. We have corps join for a few months adding to our arsenal but then leaving again. We are after all a low sec pvp corp and supercaps haven’t found a regular spot in our tactics. 

Early this summer an alliance buddy sold a supercap and events surrounding the sale prompted me to contact sellers and buyers offering a 3rd party service for their supers. From the start I had no intention to actually complete any sale at all, I simply expected no results at all or maybe a quick 10 or 15 bil fluke before the thing collapsed.

Some alliance members laughed off my clear scam and took the piss out of my attempt. Some genuinely believed my initial attempts and pledged their honest support publicly on the forums. Nothing happened. My forum post was shot down within seconds of posting it. Haters of Shadow, haters of me; posted their rubbish and lies making me look bad before I even completed a single fake sale. The game was up before I even started.

Or was it? 3 weeks later. A random eve mail resulted in an actual sale of a super. 15 bil was my asking price and after getting the seller in system, next to the pos with the Nyx, and making my wallet go blinkyblink the poor bugger was terminated. Permanently it appears, as the character he came to collect the Nyx with and the character that paid me have since been deleted.

I am a bad man. The lowest of the low.

I felt bad. And good. My heart was racing like one of the best fights I had ever had. That sucker believed a complete stranger (he hadn’t heard of Nashh Kadavr before) and handed over 15 billion isk, just like that. 

A week later and after spending a few hours mailing potential targets I got another mail requesting me to be the third party for a buyer made up. This poor bugger had a Wyvern for sale and I agreed an 18 billion buyout price and a pickup in a system of his choosing.

Granted the guy was a complete fool and clearly had a level of trust not suitable for a supercap pilot but it was like taking candy from a baby. I instructed him to complete the deal in his pos, mainly to make him feel more safe, but he didn’t have one so we agreed a deep-safe trade. Deep to him was 1 AU from the sun, sigh. I asked him to uncloak the Wyvern, so the ‘buyer’ could see it before he would transfer the isk. Instead the guy ejected, leaving the Wyvern afloat in space, without me ever notifying I had even received the isk. 

Being unable to fly a Wyvern I had brought along an accomplice to pilot it for me and with him triple boxing a fight elsewhere at the same time I yelled over comms to board the vacant Super next him and jump out to our emergency cyno.

The wyvern pilot shed many a tear unsure who the thief was, the ‘buyer’ or me as the third party. A week passed and another EVE player bit the dust, not returning to the game. 

Yes, I am evil, pure evil.

Within 48 hours of the Wyvern  scam another Nyx pilot agreed a 15 billion for a ship that would never actually change hands. The fucker threathened all sorts of bad things to be done to family and friends and reporting to so and so and you know blah blah.

Old news buddy. You are poorer, I am richer. Just quit already.


All this comes at a price to me as well of course. I had to pay out 7 billion in fees agreed with super pilots, either those presenting a Nyx in space for 15 minutes or the Wyvern pilot who had to sit in the Wyvern for nearly 2 weeks before we could shift it.

I had to pay off the alliance for not kicking my corp for my actions. Shadow Cartel, Baggins, the old guard, non agreed with my dealings. Thievery and dishonesty is a big no no in our group and rightly so. We honour our word, it is what makes us. 5 billion in fees to the alliance kitty buys enough friends to let a few supercap-scams slip through the net and be ignored. Mostly at least, some still have not forgiven me.

Other than that I have given those most loyal to me and my corps causes a Faction battleship and or isk in equivalent.Three bil to the Alliance Tourny kitty, a billion here or there to fund our own corps wallet, a few new shiny boats and before you know it you are broke again, like it never happened.

I can’t lie; the rush became an addiction and I have put some considerable efforts into doing more scams although non have worked since that last Nyx. Non will happen anymore either. Too many of the people I care about disliked my scams and I have upset people I care about. I don’t feel the least bit bad for the guys I scammed though, let that be clear. Nashh Kadavr is an evil fucking bastard.

For all your third party needs please contact Chribba only.

Or me…


  1. Bravo well played.

    I also think I might have spotted these SC transfers in action ... hmm.


  2. I had no idea SC was such a bastion of honoure~~~

    Learn something new every day.

    P.S. MB if you read this; no I'm not paying of corp cause I scam people.

  3. yuk, i died twice. too much isk and beer dont mix?

  4. That's Friday & Saturday for us, beer that is :) Sunday is usually pretty sober as its work next day :(

    1. i only drink on weekdays and weekends to limit my intake. but on saturday, sunday and monday to friday i drink to excess. and days ending in day i usually treat myself to a few exta drinks as well.

    2. lulz... too old for that now, 10 years ago maybe..