Saturday 16 June 2012

Quiting EVE...

Catchy title huh?

With a few exceptions I have seen my EVE Heroes rise and fall over the last 4 years. Looking at the list of CDM participants most don't play or blog anymore. Also some of the great names outside the blogging community have faded or completely disappeared.

So with that in mind when do I quit? When do I stop blogging? How will it end? A big dramatic bang? A fizzle? Will there be rage? Who will I blame? What will I do with my stuff?

I may have to wait for an excuse, something epic maybe, good or bad to trigger the 'right' time to not re-new my accounts. There has never been anything that CCP has done that has warranted me to rebel so I doubt it will ever be CCP that drives me out. Maybe a betrayal or drama caused by my online friends would upset me enough. Maybe completing the goals I have set for myself? Like participating in the alliance tournament? Well it is possible I finally get to do just that this year so now what? I have no more goals? Should I set some new ones? I don't know maybe RL will just slowly drive me away and I'll disappear unnoticed...

My gear? I am likely selling all my gear and characters and doing something big when I leave. Maybe derp a Titan at a gate in Amamake. Or maybe I will give my isk and goods to my Corp and place it in good care of the CEO that is willing to take over. Maybe CCP will take my isk and donate an RL value to a good cause.

Oh damnit, I just don't know and clearly am not ready to quit just yet. Ask me again after the AT...

When and how will you stop? What will happen to your gear?


  1. as a carebear i'll sell all my stuff in jita, buy a phoenix or some other cap and fly straight to nullsec space to get pwned there and have some last fun.

  2. Let's hope this is years and years away. I came as close as you can and decided to come back from the edge. While there are always good reasons to walk away there are always good reasons to stay and play. Hang in there, so much of what you always wanted is finally happening, that's a new dynamic that takes time to get used to.

  3. Even as I'm not playing at the moment and haven't done for a few months now, the Rizzel's if they ever do come back will only ever have one owner.
    Everything they have earned, assets & ISK, will leave the game perpetually if they don't.

    Don't think about it too much, enjoy the moments.

    Funny thing, if I never play EVE again, the memories and friendships I have struck will stay with me.

  4. People can quite eve for sure but I wouldn't want to see you go mate. However, challenging all comers to attach you in a titan would be a most epic final page on the current chapter of N. Kadavr's EVE Career...

  5. Johnny Twelvebore30 June 2012 at 04:21

    Yeah just do it in Evati please:)