Friday 5 August 2011

New Bannahz !!1!

Every once and a while you need to spoil yourself and splash out on some fresh artwork. So our Forum, killboard and my blog got some new banners, courtesy of Mr Rixx Javix.

Rixxy has kindly agreed to disband his fail-cascading corp and join up his remaining members to The Kadavr Black Guard, very nice of him as my I am in desperate need of some numbers...

Other than finding me on Facebook I am now also available on MSN messenger, find me through my email address;

..and YES Kadavr Black Guard is recruiting so roll up you salty dogs of war!

(or at least friendlybump this thread;

Disclaimer; Rixx Javix's corp Lucifers Hammer is not fail-cascading, and no he is not joining my corp, although I will keep presuring him to do so. Every day untill he does.

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