Monday 8 August 2011


I read somewhere that reaching 50 million sp makes you a veteran.

Veteran I am.

Skill point spread is a a little sloppy on Nashh as he started out as a Salvaging alt, then skilled for Freighters and then for R&D agents. non of those are very usefull when you get to -10.

Anyways, I pulled that fairly straight after that, max fitting skills, decent armor and shield, then drone, gunnery (ac and small blastahs) and missiles are almost all at lvl 5. Most my SP are in Spaceship Command though as I am that kinda guy that cannot choose and want to fly everything....

did I mention I am recruiting lately?


  1. 47m here and rolling thru major level fives at the moment, seems every skill I want to train is 2 weeks or a month these days. Congrats on the 50m mark. The only way to win at Eve is to outlast everyone else.

  2. 100m here. Oh and if you want an embarrassing pvp skill try Gas Cloud Harvesting to 5.

    Now that you hit 50m CCP should introduce the skill you've always wanted:
    Bling Spaceship Command.
    Improves the effectiveness of any fitted faction modules by 1% per skill level.

  3. 100?! that makes you veteran veteran?

    and yes bling ftw