Friday 26 August 2011

Business with Tibbs...

Amarr; like all the main trade hubs he hated it.

But business is business. If isk could be made, he would go anywhere.

The meeting was arranged for a few hours earlier but traveling from deep within wormhole space often caused delays.

'The emperor’s bowels' was the place they agreed to meet. It's name suitable as ever, the place stank of sewage.

Tibbs was not hard to find, the lenghty Sobiestor pirate was considerably taller than any of the other patrons.

Nashh pulled up a bar stool next to him and briefly surveyed the place. Loudly sniffing he started off; 'nice place Tibbs, what the fuck?'

Tibbs picked up the mug in front of him and took a swig. He didn't respond.

'Ok, I am sorry I am late' Nashh sighed reluctantly.

The Bastard glanced over and smiled; 'no you’re not'. From a pocket on his right leg Tibbs produced an electronic pad and placed it on the bar.

'It's a burst sewage pipe' he explained, 'something related to that fight here a few weeks ago'. 'You get used to the smell, besides, the beer is good here'.

Nashh flicked though pages of information on the data-pad. 'So ...' ,he shrugged.

Tibbs sighed and pointed at the figures that mattered the most; estimated profit.

'Right, gotcha..'

'Well I can keep supplying you with the goods no problem, but any chance you could setup an advance on this here project?'

Tibbs just smiled.

'Had a few Tengu incidents lately and a little strapped for cash' Nashh smiled back.

'A few?' Tibbsy raised a quizzical brow.

'you know what I am like'.

'Sure' Tibbs replied pulling out his Neo-comm and started a transfer.

'Right, I'd best be off' Tibbs stood up and placed his long fingered hands on Nashh's shoulder. I'll catch you in a few weeks... 'Don't be late please.'

'Good to see you tibbytibbs'.

'Good to see you too old boy, oh and get the bill for me yeah...'

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