Friday 12 August 2011


Nashh looked around the canteen. There was a nice atmosphere, the crew was happy. Beer and rum flowed freely as they enjoyed the closing of another successful day.

He looked over to Beaute and Morrigan, they both smiled and nodded at him, briefly raising their drinks.

All this would be over for him soon, lowsec awaited. Moo would be relieving him in just a few weeks from now, the class 4 wormhole will be in safe hands.

Morrigan had taken the promotion to CEO of Kadavr Conglomorate reluctantly. She had been at his side for nearly 2 years and looked after him every step of the way.

Dragon was telling some of the newer members a tall story of being jumped a few weeks back. They laughed at him, or with him, not sure of what to make of the overconfident Tengu pilot.

The Corp did need another Director, perhaps with a little help in his social skills Dragon could be that person. His experience and dedication to wormhole life is second to none.

Jockey joked around making even the ever serious Takung laugh out loud, he had a funny laugh. Getsum appeared unusually quiet but his inquisitive nature came through occasionally as he asked about anything and everything, wanting to know all of it.

Limyc strolled over, beer in one hand, comms pad in the other.

'Tis for you bossman..' he slurred.

'Are you drunk Officer Lim' Nashh quizzed, raising an eyebrow.

Limyc handed over the Neo Com and smiled; 'tis that chick you was telling us bout, me thinks..'

Nashh looked down to find indeed it was Venom Orchid wanting to speak with him.

'Thank you officer, go get yourself a fresh beer' Nashh smiled.

'I gotta take this' he said to the room in general before turning and making his way to his private quarters.

The crew behind him whistled and jeered.

Nashh smiled and replied with a one finger salute.


  1. ok so you got a call from Venom.. What exactly are you telling us that is growing???

    P.S. Gross

  2. You're leaving us in suspense damnit... what did she say, WHAT DID SHE SAY????

  3. im pretty sure it was "I like acute better!"

    mmm sounds about right