Sunday 21 August 2011

Black Guards have Venom...Venom Orchid.

'So?... What do you think?'

Nashh was speechless for a change.

'It's ... It's awesome' he mumbled as Venom spun around to show off her new flight jacket.

Her tight curves accentuated by even tighter leather bottoms, her rounded bum, like a shiny black peach protruded from just below the jacket.

Venom caught his eyes hovering a little lower than the jacket she was modelling for him.

'Oi! Eyes up big boy' Venom smiled.

The jacket was emblazoned with the Black Guards logo on the upper right arm, stitched with fine, gold coloured silk thread, the detail was stunning.

On the back, printed on a white back ground; the flaming skull, angelic wings and crossed rapiers he loved so much.

'There is only one place where this looks better' Venom smirked as she pushed past him. With firm strides she made her way over to the bedroom.

Nashh's eyes were firmly trained on her movement. At least, parts of it.

Venom Orchid disappeared around the corner. Seconds later she held out the jacket, paused, and dropped it on the bedroom floor...

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