Saturday 17 September 2011

MEME; my first recorded loss.

After Kirith Kodachi started this meme a little while ago I figured I should pipe up and show you mine. I owned a character as my main before Nashh so the truth is I actually lost a caracal with mixed sized shield, 100mm armorplate and mixed sized launchers with 8 different types of ammo in my hold but lets not talk about that one hey...

Nashh's First recorded loss is one I remember rather well. Nashh started out as a hauling alt and my then second main was Desmun (rip). Desmun did my building and inveting etc at the time and I started collecting all the sub BS blue prints for ships and eventually ammo and the likes. That was before I realised that non of those endevours made me any money whatsoever.

Anyways long story short; I raced to some unknown system to pick up some blueprints I had purchased and activated the auto-pilot back to my then homesystem. the entire route was highsec and with no experiance in ganking or evil in our glorious and safe hi sec I resumed other activities on another account.

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