Monday 19 September 2011

Frigate Lovin

So over the last few weeks I have been bringing in a small stack of Rifters, losing them nicely here or there.

Being part of the militia allows for targets at gates and stations whilst flying frigate-hulls. Yes, targets are halved as we don’t shoot our own militia but in general it has been nice to take out frigates and shoot stuffs without worrying about sentry-fire.

In some cases I have been rather careless and lost Rifters without paying attention but for the low cost of the Rifter risks can be taken occasionally.

The crappy intel-channels for our militia piped up to say there where a few Amarians repping a POS in Auga the other day after Pandemic Legion dropped some bored pilots on it. Anyway, no fleet could be mustered to go and shoot at them. So that leaves just one thing; take out a Rifter and do it myself, right?

I warped 100 clicks from the moon where the POS was based to find 2 Interceptors and 3 Scimitars doing their thing. I align the Rifter back to the Dal gate, knowing that it would never actually make it to that gate.

With the two Microwarpdrive-propelled vessels chasing my much slower Rifter I waited for the right moment, switched off my afterburner, turned around and overheated my way towards the Ares. Overheated mid-slots latched on, both scram and web, overheated auto-cannons spat hot lead, the rocket-laucher firing beyond its intended capacity.

With the Ares in structure I deactivated the scram to catch the Imperial Navy slicer that had found himself within range. As the Slicers MWD shut off the Ares erupted in a bright blue flash of victory. Regardless of the outcome I had already won the isk war.

The Slicer like any other purely gank-fit had little protection from my Rifters fury and within seconds its shield where stripped to reveal a thin layer of armour. But 2 Scimitars at the POS had burned the other direction and had warped themselves right on top of us. An eyewitness claims there where three but I cannot confirm this.

Indeed my fate was sealed; damage I did put out was immediately mitigated by the Logistic Cruisers repping abilities. The Rifter still lasted a considerable amount of time but eventually burst into a grey plume of smoke.

GF! and great fun had. I loved the smack I received from some of the ‘’Amarr-under-14-squad’’ later that day as well. Epic stuff…

Blnukem 192 ; Nashh Kadavr back to lose another ship?

Blnukem 192 ; Like a boss.

Nashh Kadavr ; dunno have you got any to lose?

Blnukem 192 ; Yes, you do.

Nashh Kadavr ; pff ares / rifter seemed a fair swap no?

Blnukem 192 ; lol you died to an ares

Blnukem 192 ; Noob

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