Friday 23 September 2011

Black Guards are recruiting damnit!!!1!

With the start of two corps my time and attention had to be split significantly over the last few months.

The WH Corp is ticking over nicely now though and with 2 directors appointed it is working smoothly without too much of my help. I still do the admin and loot recording/ payouts but a great little venture it has proven to be.

Recruitment is still open for the WH Corp but only for friends and family. So if you are not one of those, don't ask.

My main attention and drive is to recruit for the PVP Corp. Facebook, blogs, podcast interviews and adverts, forum spam, recruitment channels, you name it. Nobody will be safe from the recruitment frenzy, don't be surprised if the first thing I blabber out at you is 'so when are you joining?'.

Summertime is over, pixelated-space-boat-captains around the world will be returning after a refreshing break. All the CCP haters are slowly switching of their tanks and robots to return to the one and only game to play.

Come and make space-boat violence with us!

Our forum is alive and full of informative stuffs. Our killboard occasionally has some green on it and we have an awesome webpage with automated application system.

Go on, come check us out here.

So, when are YOU joining? (or folding your Corp into mine?)

A big shout out and all credit to TheHermit, Bastard director and techno wiz, the man behind the Kadavr website, forum and killboard. This sick puppy is also the creator of this little gem. You interested in one of his many services? Drop him a mail in-game! More on TheHermit's awesomeness soon...


  1. ill join ill join ill join............

  2. Accepted, you are now a director. First job; get more recruits!

  3. Omg that's too much work! I quit!!!

    Can you evemail me the local chatlogs from last nigh?? I know your online and it would mean a faster blogpost from me!!!