Friday 9 September 2011

Black Guards have Kodachi .... Kirith Kodachi

Me and Kirith go way back... Somewhere in CDM heydays we fought a few awesome scraps and I have been a big fan of his blog for a long time. In fact he is likely a reason I started blogging myself and am still.

Two years ago I tried to convince Kirith to come join the bastards but was fairly quickly rejected. M3 was still going strong at the time and Kirith was going to sit it out a bit longer in nul.

For the last few months I restarted my pursuit of acquiring him into our ranks. Hard work and some agonizing waits (and the demise of M3) but finally...

... the blogging behemoth will be shooting stuff in low sec and shooting the right direction too!

(not at me that is, not on purpose anyway)

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