Saturday 9 July 2011

EPIC CDM preperations, want to be involved?

So the CDM post will continue although my time is limited at the moment. Running my WH corp has taken up a lot of my time, particularly as we are currently moving up a class. I have started a 3rd corp recently; Kadavr Black Guard and I intend to turn my attention to this with every spare minute. I am extremely fortunate to get help in the form of an old friend and experienced training corp CEO. But for details on that you will have to wait...

It is sometimes hard to top a CDM and keeping them interesting for any potential readers. CDM is incredibly time consuming even though it may appear to be a simple 1v1 to some.

Every once and a while you need to push your boundries even further though and I have just the thing...EPIC CDM!

Now this EPIC CDM was always going to happen but I am a little tired of predictable outcomes so fighting one of the best solo PVP'ers in game makes a straight up 1v1 very much so an unappealing prospect.

To blow this into EPIC proportions however an exiting stategy has been divised by my opponent and I am extremely exited about this project. unfortunatly I cannot divulge too many details at this stage as it would ruin the surprise.

One thing I can let you know that I had intended to bring back Teadaze as a camera man and commentator. Teadaze has unsubbed...

So what can you do to be part of this EPIC EVENT!!!?1?!

Well, what I am looking for ideally is someone to commentate on the video that will accompany this CDM, I am looking for someone with artistic skills that can help with some of the ovelays that I can not produce myself, two sponsors for the video and finally two additional pilots that have experiance with Frapps and can fly cloaky ships.

A time and date for this CDM have not been agreed just yet as the preparations and isk requirements is going to take a little time for both parties involved.

I am not asking for too much am I? Be part of something wild and exciting!

Drop me a comment below, contact me in game, evemail or mail me at if you are interested or know someone that may want to participate.


  1. Ill be around to help just let me know what you need bro.

  2. Ohhhhhhhh I think I know what one this is.

    Seen the preparations from the other side. :D