Thursday 30 June 2011

CDM #25; El'tar (Garmon) The one that wins EVE

El’tar or Garmon has been at the top of the Celebrity Death Match list for some time.

When I finally got around to contacting him it didn't take long for him to agree to duel me, his ship choice; Battleship!

The Celeb;
Now, the outcome of this fight was certain, but that didn't matter; I was going to rub shoulders with THE best pvp'er this game has ever seen.

It's a fact, love him or hate him, El’tar or Garmon or any of his many alts all, individually, have a glorious track record in small gangs, fleets, solo, meta-gaming and of course the Alliance Tournament.

Famous for his many excellent pvp videos, his temper (real or not) and his messed up sense of humour; El'tar would be CDM 25.

El’tar was very friendly and accommodating from the moment I spoke to him. He shared some of his ship-fittings and gave some tips. I was actually a little nervous but his friendly demeanour made me settle down quickly.

In preparation I checked out his loss mails (not so many) on various kill-boards, the forums and his videos. He was sure to fit an active tank and thus a heavy neut- setup my only option and chance. Roll on the Nuet Dominix!

El’tar arranged a cyno for me so I wouldn't have to make 20 jumps in a Battle-ship through low sec. upon landing in a system light-years away from Evati he kindly provided me with my most cherished kill mail; my solo kill of El’tar.

The plan was simple, warp right on top of him, scram, double web, neut and sick a set of heavy drones on him; that was pretty much it.

As my fit didn't include a propulsion module I relied heavily on him being MWD fit, and thus immobilized by the scram and webs...

The fight
Just as I had hoped we didn't have much space between us on starting the fight, Scram and webs started cycling nicely, Nos and neuts set to work.

My capacitor drained fast but near endless supplies of cap-charges kept me going.

With much pleasure I saw that his DPS was split between my drones and my hull, good as I had plenty of spare drones to eject if I were to lose any.

His shields dropped quicker than mine but he was sure to be armour tanked…

Then my first mistake; I pulled in the Ogre that was taking damage… It may not seem significant but it is; I didn't need to save that drone, I had lots more, what it did do was draw attention to the fact his drones where not firing at me but at dispensable fodder.

His medium flavoured attack drones where immediately redirected towards my boat. Shit.

El’tars Typhoon slowly pulled away from me, 5 clicks of emptiness now between us. I have no idea how he managed to get any speed at all being double webbed.

No transversal, this was toe to toe boxing... I kept telling myself to jettison a can and orbit that to negate some of the incoming DPS but I never did.

My armour at 50% his at 25% I felt confident still, then out of nowhere a massive rep and his armour only showed 75% damage. I have no idea how he did that…

He didn't manage to rep more than that one time as far as I could tell but he didn't need to; my fate was sealed…

Fire and smoke trailed behind my Dominix Class battleship, its hull ablaze.

There was nothing further to do but watch, my modules couldn't be overheated any more.

With a final push a Caldari Navy Bane Torpedo slammed through the sliver of hull holding my ship together, penetrating several decks before violently exploding and expelling the insides of the Dominix into the darkness.

I could feel my heart pounding in my throat. The result wasn't a surprise but I had really hoped for a genuine 1v1 kill-mail of this (then) living legend.

A chance nobody will ever get again, El’tar is dead. Rip Eltar.

As a stunt and to show his disturbed sense of humour, the greatest character in eve, bio'd himself. Ninety million skill points destroyed, just like that.

With plenty of remaining high-skilled alts and plenty of isk I guess he didn't need the attention a name like El’tar attracts but who knows…

I feel privileged to have met him and can only aspire to his skills, kills and spills.

More CDM soon...


  1. Very nice! Would have loved to have witnessed this brawl!

    Looking forward to more :) But how do you top this one?


  2. been looking forward to this write up.
    glad you managed to get the match done before el'tar was bio massed

  3. Schweet! Well done m8, that Thanny Vs. Kestel bout musta been close too! lol. Oh well, I envy you your km that's for sure.

  4. ;)

    Thanny v kestrel fight was a close one indeed! I was about to call in friends to drop a supercap fleet on him, just to make sure, but I pulled it off solo in the end!

    0/ mynx!

  5. Yay, a CDM.
    I was waiting for a new one for ages and i was not dissapointed, not at all indeed.

  6. Garmon cannot die, he is invincible :(