Wednesday 13 July 2011

Progress report / b’day bashh revisited

So our WH corp has started their stint in low-sec, pending our move into the new hole. So far the results have been fairly devastating to say the very least; losses include an Orca (again), a hauler, 5 battlecruisers, a t1 frigate and a Firetail. Our kills so far? Well I bravely killed a cyno Kestrel and blog reader Chigy offered up his shuttle in return for a shout-out, giving newby Getsum his first ever EVE kill. This morning Deltsbeta from the Bastards nicely arranged for tackle on a Drake and Hookbil allowing for Marco Drack and myself to finish them off, a great fight had and adrenaline pumping!

Kadavr Black Guard has employed Alexia Morgan of OUCH UNI fame as a director. A move I am incredibly excited about as Alexia will make a massive difference to the corp and alliance as a whole. The Black Guard is open to any OUCH graduates and experienced PVPérs only at the moment but training will be provided for nooblets in the future. Don’t be shy and apply! (more on this soon)

Deltsbeta also send me a few screenies from my b’day bash and Tibbs sent me an interesting report from Dotlan, proving that parties in Evati are the best!


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  2. oops and way ...

    Logistics are notoriously hazardous, you have to hang your ass in the air and play the hand that you're dealt. These are teething troubles, it takes time to build a team and tbh you're bound to have those, teething troubles, you guys are almost all teeth.