Saturday 16 July 2011

The next 6 months...

The next 6 months...

With plenty on my plate I figured its time to plan out my time for the rest of this year.

Character development

Nashh will complete his goal of perfect gunnery and missile skills before training amarr stuff.

Moo moocow will skill for a tengu before continuing his streak of perfect lvl 5 skills. He will join the wh Corp once tengu competent.

Other Alts will include 2 bomber pilots, a t3 command pilot, a cloaky hauler, a domi mission runner and two cyno Alts.

Corp development

Ideally kadavr conglomorate reaches 20+ in number so it can colonize a class 5 wormhole by the end of the year. 3 further directors are needed to make this Corp completely self sufficient.

The faction warfare Corp will get little attention but if anyone wants to enroll a bomber alt to make themselves some isk running lowsec lvl 4's please feel free.

Black guards will get the most of my attention over the next 6 months. I am very keen to push the numbers in this Corp to beyond 30 active players. With 50% of those being hero pvp'ers. With the addition of a high profile director as Alexia Morgan I am confident this Corp will get a real momentum. Depending on the speed of my character development nashh will join this Corp personally.

CDM and the blog

Preparations for an epic cdm are underway and I will endeavor to organize at least two more (normal) CDM's before before this year is up. I have had help offered for this years EPIC CDM but more is better so put your name down. (Mynxee if you are still reading this...)

Other than that some more fiction is brewing and i guess some random ramblings will be added along the way.

Other projects

Three other projects are in the pipeline;

The EVE times

A blog feeder app for android is currently being build for eve related blogs, this to fill a small part of the giant gap Capsuleer has left in my life. This app will be open-source and a name has not come to fruition, so unless someone comes up with a better name it will be called The EVE Times. More on this later.


Cyber Ten has commissioned me to do a fictional piece for him and I hope not to disappoint.

I can't divulge too much about this ATM as it may fail before I have even started, but if it all works as planned he'd better double that isk he has offered (winkwink).

The isk earned for this project will fund the alliance that will encompass all the kadavr corporations.

Alliance tournament

Aspirations to join in next years AT are deadly serious. Participation is the goal, getting in the top 20 would be amazing. For 4 years have I sat on the sideline and watched my favorite mayhem unfold, next time I want to be part of it.

Ofcourse, if it wasn't obvious yet this is the reason for the making of an alliance all for myself. When the time comes I am sure to be needing friends to train with and possibly join the alliance to ensure I have enough pilots to play with.

Real life

This all of course comes second to my real life commitments.

I will spend as much time with my wife and kids as they can stand me for. Enjoying life as much as possible and loving the beach life for as long as this will last are the number 1 items on my list of things to do.

So, what are you up to?


  1. All great goals m8 and it is awesome to hear you talking positive again! As always, whatever I might be able to do to help. And good luck.

  2. Same here mate if you need any help let me know ;-) and I wouldn't mind taking you on in the CDM but I'm probably not famous enough :-(