Friday 15 July 2011

Kadavr Black Guard

I see comrades fall to the ''I-don't-enjoy-eve-syndrome''. It is saddening but I have been there myself so I understand.

Deep inside I know I am not ready to cast new Eden aside just yet though and I have reinvented my game play.

To do something completely different I have started a WH Corp and I undock at every given opportunity and have fun doing it!

But there was something missing. The excitement and buzz that only PVP can provide needed to re-enter my game;

Kadavr Black Guard is open for recruitment!

With sister-corps already up and running there is a great looking and informative website, forum and kill-board. (I highly recommend thehermit for any of your forum and kill-board needs!)

The black guards have recently acquired Alexia Morgan from OUCH uni glory and with her input this Corp and alliance as a whole will improve in many ways.

I am extremely lucky to have another high profile friend joining The Black Guards but more on that when this chick bails on her current Corp.

So what's the Black Guards? Well other than being just another low-sec PVP Corp there will be week-long Recon opps and we will enter the Alliance Tournament next year.

We don't do CCP politics and have an all-round positive attitude, if you are a moaner or miserable git please move on.

We are currently looking for a few more core members in the form of directors of all time zones and FC'S.

Experianced Pirates / PVP'ers and Graduates from the OUCH University will be accepted near instantly and more inexperienced PVP pilots are welcome to have a chat about our OUCH training plan.

For more information please speak to Nashh Kadavr or Alexia Morgan. Or have a look at the application form.

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