Sunday 22 May 2011

Departing; chapter 6/7

‘So in real basic terms how are we doing?’

‘Well, the Corp expenses so far rack up to 14.2 billion’.

‘And the income?’

‘Four billion in the last 9 weeks, great potential I would say...’

‘That's it?’

‘Well in liquid isk yeah, but there is 2.5 billion in Corp assets and we have gained another pilot worth 4, don’t forget’.

Nashh Kadavr looked over at the new recruit, Moo Moocow, ‘you’d better earn your keep boy’.

‘There is a small gap that needs filling though and soon’. ‘Outstanding bills that are becoming urgent are about 2.8 billion, some other bills I can push back until a later date’. ‘May I recommend looking at your personal assets?’

‘No, my hangars in Iges and Evati are to remain untouched, sell whatever else I have but do not touch those’.

Nashh fell silent for a moment, just the thought of selling the ships and modules he collected over the years made him quiver. At its peak the Evati hangar had resembled Jita in the sheer quantity of goods.

‘I know just the man though’.’ I'll be back in a few days, Moo? You are coming with me...’


Nashh had met Cyber Ten on a few previous occasions, but those were vague, distant memories.
Cyber certainly never appeared to be shy on cash. On various drink and drug fuelled parties he would throw isk around as easy as buying someone a drink.

It wasn't hard to find him.

The Huffin Club was owned by Cyber, the clientele eclectic; different races and classes. But all were there for the same reason, cheap beer and topless staff.

Moo was ordered to remain in the bar area as Nashh requested to see the owner.

After passing several security checks Nashh was led to the office in the basement.

‘Nashh!’ Cyber smiled in a overfriendly manner, his eyes where wide open and watery.

The office was small; it just about fitted a small basic desk, a cupboard and an old worn leather sofa. It smelt of old beer and stale smoke.
Three small screens showed area's in the club above. One showed the dance floor, one the ladies toilets and the third overlooked the bar. Moo appeared to be enjoying some of the local beers.

The desk was surprisingly tidy compared to the rest of the room. On the middle of the desk was a large shiny platter with what can only be described as a heap of a light blue powder, some had been separated and shaped into lines.

‘Cyber?’ The guard asked from behind Nashh Kadavr.

‘Yes, you may go thanks’. Cyber dismissed the guard with his left hand whilst pinching the bridge of his nose with his right. He looked anoyed.

The guard closed the door behind himself.

‘Nashh my old friend, what can I do for you? Would you like a drink? A line?’ Cyber raised his eyebrows and used both hands to illustrated the platter in front of him.

‘Money, no and no, I am on a detox, thanks anyway’.

Cyber seemed to replay the last minute again in his head.

‘How much and for how long?’ His smile disappeared, his expression now more serious.

‘I need 3 billion for a 6 week term’, Nashh Kadavr replied calmly, as if he just asked for a bag of peanuts.

Cyber Ten sat back in his chair before opening the top drawer of the desk. From it he removed a cigar and a box of matches.

‘Six weeks huh?’ Cyber spoke slowly now; ‘the interest will be 17.5%’.

The striking and lighting of the match seemed to echo in the room. A thick cloud of cigar smoke separated the two men.

As the initial smoke dissipated and Cyber re-appeared, he had shifted forward and smiled a big smile; his watery eyes twinkled in the dim lighting.

‘You have six weeks, don't be late, don't underpay, or the boy loses his head’, the grinning loanshark nodded in the direction of the security screens.

Nashh didn't need explaining who, what or when. The security camera viewing the bar showed Moo being led away by Cyber’s henchmen.

‘Agreed...’ Nashh Kadavr nodded, ‘no problem’.

Cyber sat back in his worn office chair and smiled.

‘I'll let myself out’.

Closing the door behind him, Nashh felt weak at the knees.



  1. I must admit i enjoyed that Nash. :)

  2. thanks cyber, its hard writing about someone else char sometimes, you never know if ya gonna offend em =)

    glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Waiting on the next bi... :)