Monday 9 May 2011

Departing; chapter 2/7

Nashh had been dragged into his Iges IV apartment and dumped on the large White leather sofa. Out cold.

Venom kneeled by his side, gently stroking his head.


She jumped up, pistol drawn. The voice had come from the kitchen area. Venom recognised the voice, it was the same as the call she had received about an hour earlier.

"Black, two sugars." she replied, holstering her weapon.

Out of the shade Morrigan appeared with two steaming mugs. She was dressed in black from top to bottom; a skin-tight leather suit. Knee-high boots with tall heels elevated her 2 inches higher. Venom understood now why Nashh had spent so much time with this girl, and wouldn't mind to do so herself.

"There is no sugar so just black then?" she extended Venom one of the mugs.

Venom smiled, "I am surprised there is even coffee in this place".

Morrigan’s real name was Dirty Hands, clearly a joke when her name was registered. It suited her in many ways however; running errands for Nashh would frequently leave her with dirty hands. Morrigan was the name she used when introducing herself.

'I am glad you could come at such short notice, he wouldn't even listen to me anymore. I knew he would to you...'

'No worries, thanks for calling'. ‘Just in time too, he shot the tender’. Venom paused to sip from her mug. ‘I suggest he leaves station as soon as he is able’.

There is something else, Morrigan started. I am not sure where to start; Nashh is in some trouble, and possibly getting himself into some more.

‘Nashh is always in trouble’, Venom Orchid smiled, ‘don't worry, he'll sort it out or buy his way out’.

‘That is the problem you see, Nashh is in no position to buy his way out anymore, the isk is gone’.

Venoms eyes widened. She looked from Nashh to morrigan,’15 billion isk? How?’

‘Not sure yet, I am still going through all transactions he has made over the last 6 months’. ‘It looks like he has given away at least one third of his previous fortune, and there is a lot of officer equipment registered in his name’.

‘Ok’, venom scratched her head, ‘so he is broke’. ‘That isn't really the end of the world is it?’

‘No it isn't, I may be able to liquidate some assets for him to get him a decent capital again’. ‘My worries are his own plans on making isk’.

Morrigan sipped the last of her drink and put the mug on the glass table. She used a small grey remote to turn on the wall projector.

Schematics, figures and financial data flashed up.

Venom was unclear what exactly she was looking at; it looked like a stock-take or an inventory check of some sort.

"What’s this?" she shrugged.

‘It's a full inventory check of the Bastard hangars, both here and back in Evati’.

Venom looked back from the screen to Morrigan, not sure what to say.

‘Nashh has accidentally been given full access to all the corps assets’, Morrigan explained.

‘He would never...’ Venom started, ‘but ... why have all these ships and modules got values noted next to them?’

Morrigan didn't reply. She didn't have too.

‘He is going to rob the Bastards?’ Venom Orchid paused, ‘how much is it worth?’

‘Just over 8 billion so far but valuation isn't completed just yet’. ‘He hasn't got access to any liquid assets but the rest...’ Morrigan nodded in the direction of the screen.

Both vixens fell silent and stared at the heaped body on the sofa.

'Flash is gonna kill him'.

'I know' Morrigan responded.

'I mean, really kill him...'

'I know' Morrigan repeated.


  1. Yay, well than, nice read, i am really curious what is gonna happen next.
    I hope this is not a quitting Eve story, i want to read more from you. Been ages since the last CDM for example.

  2. If Nashh quits Eve we'll all go to his house and bash him about the head and face until he realizes the error of his ways and returns.

    Let's avoid all that shall we?

    And I'm also curious where this is all headed, but at least it is good to see you back m8.