Sunday 5 June 2011

Departing; chapter 7/7

Three risky low sec trips have been completed. After the loss of Orca I, a fourth trip seemed not worth going back again.

Merchants from as far as Jita had come to pick up Transporters full of modules and ships. Some had made the journey with simple Shuttles, picking up the more valuable blue prints only.

The three Orca loads were ferried directly to Ammar and sold off in bulk.

The Iges hangar only received one Orca to offload items. Four Laches Recons, 2 command ships, 12 Battlecruisers, 6 cruisers and an assortment combat gear was sold directly on the local market.

All that remained in evati where 6 containers, mainly ammo and 38 ships, most were fitted. Nashh loved those ships. Nearly half of the ships had faction or complex modules, either to enhance performance or to assist in fitting. Most vessels had been recommended by his good friend Lady Shaniqua and fitted to his specifications.

Nashh stood in the giant hangar, it felt empty.

‘Cyber has been paid’. Morrigan stood a few feet behind him. She understood he needed his personal space right now. ‘Moo is on his way home’. ‘We have made more than we need in sales Nashh…’

‘Ok’, Nashh replied solemnly.

‘What do you want to do with the rest?’

‘Contact the Bastards, sell it to them cheap’. ‘All of it’.

‘Pirate Commodore Tibbs just popped by to say hello, do you wish to see him?’

‘Yeah... Sure’.

Tibbsy hadn't waited for permission and was already browsing the remaining gear.

‘You can go now’, Tibbs spoke directly to Morrigan.

Morrigan looked over at Nashh for confirmation.

He simply nodded and dismissed her with a wave of his hand.

‘So what is for sale then big boy?’ Bastard legend Tibbs laughed out loud.

Nashh sighed… ‘That Worm over there is a gift for Hermit, the rest is for sale’.’ What do you want?’

Tibbs looked around for a few seconds then placed his right arm around Nashh's shoulder.

‘I'll take it all….’


Nashh had gathered his crew around him; Getsum, Beaute, Morrigan, Aether, Moo, Alison and Dragon.

He stood up as he addressed the group in front of him.

‘As of today this Corp owes no money, we are a standalone venture and we are breaking even’.

‘Not bad, but the time has come to expand. Over the last few weeks preparations have been made with the help of our good friend Hermit and we are ready to receive our first recruits’.
Nashh nodded in the direction of the ever optimistic Beaute; ‘Beaute Suprenate will be promoted to director and assist in keeping this station running, I would appreciate your support in this’.

‘Morrigan and I will start making preparations for the colonisation of a higher class wormhole system’.

‘Moo will base himself in Hek, highsec, and coordinate our combat excursions there. I have Contacted an old buddy of mine, Dame Death, she will look after you there and provide you with the basic training required to participate in the Minmatar war effort’.

‘A fresh start ahead of us, now let's make some isk!’


  1. Nice read Nash :D

  2. Lurking and following along...really enjoyed it, Nashh <3

  3. Its been a welcome return to form.
    Keep it up.

    Just about recovered from the stress of scouting your orca through the Hagilur/Bei gate - please don't do that again.

  4. Well done my friend and as always only the best! Hope these changes suit you and you find what you're looking for, we all deserve that.