Monday 9 May 2011

Departing; chapter 4/7

Mesmerising, like looking at the back of a pulsating spoon. Nashh always did love wormholes.

Initiate warp to Dickstar II, he instructed his Tengu. The glorious Tech3 vessel aligned smoothly before speeding to the Kadavr Conglomerate’s base of operations.

What a POS, a true marvel of design, he pondered. Four tall columns of e-war and laser turrets adorned each side of the giant structure. Just inside of those the large, gently swaying bubble of defence, reinforced by no less than 9 Shield Hardening Arrays.

The Strategic Cruiser whizzed and hissed as it was gently parked inside the Ship Maintenance hangar.

‘Coffee?’ Morrigan offered as Nashh disembarked.

‘Yeah, thanks babe’.

‘How did it go?’

‘Pfew’, Nashh started, ‘it was tough to be honest’.’ I suffered some structural damage so get someone on repairs as soon as you can’.

‘Other than that the loot score was very good’. He paused to sip some of his hot brew.’ The C3 static won't last much longer so let's go and mop up the wrecks as soon as possible’.

‘Yessir, mr CEO’, Morrigan smiled.

Nashh returned a smile. He was the happiest he'd been in some time. For months had he not flown as much as he had done in the last few weeks.

‘Let me get Aether to go back and salvage for you, you look like you need a rest’.

Nashh Kadavr seemed to contemplate the offer for a moment but then agreed, it had been another long day.

‘I have one more thing before you do take your rest, boss’.


‘We need another capable pilot for our operations here, as previously discussed’.

Nashh nodded in agreement.

‘Look at this guy here’; Morrigan handed over a neo-pad with pilot details.

Nashh's expression remained blank. ‘He can't fly anything Morrigan, his name is... Moo?! Why?’

‘Look at his core skills Nashh’.

‘Ah, I see’. Nashh fell silent, they were perfect. ‘How much?’

‘Four billion should be sufficient to entice him’.

‘Can we afford that?’

‘Just about... Just about’.

‘Get it done then...’

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