Monday 9 May 2011

Departing; chapter 3/7

‘Mr Flashfresh? There is a lady here to see you’.

‘Does she have an appointment?’

‘No sir but she says it's urgent’.

‘Who is it?’

‘Er.. Dirty hands?’

There was a pause on the other side of the intercom. 'Send her in'.

As Morrigan entered the CEO's office, Flashfresh stood up from his seat and smiled.
'Long time no see!' flash started, 'grab a seat, care for a drink?'

Morrigan didn’t sit down; she didn't care for a drink. She never did.

‘I wish to resign, I no longer feel qualified to spy on Nashh’. ‘Things...’ Morrigan paused.. ‘Things have gotten personal’. ‘I simply...’

Flash raised his hands, signalling for her to be silent. He sat back slowly in his large dark office chair, gently rocking it.

The office was only dimly lit; too dark to see what was in the shady parts. Flash still wore his trademark aviator sunglasses regardless.

Morrigan shuffled uneasily.

‘You have something I would like to know about, yes?’

‘Er…’ Morrigan started.

Flash raised his right hand again, demanding her silence.

‘Ok here is the deal; you tell me what I need to know and you will be discharged from your duties’. ‘Consider it your contract fulfilled’.

Morrigan looked down to the floor, before clearing her throat.

‘I need your word that no harm will be done to Nashh’.

‘Of course’, Flashfresh signalled for Morrigan to continue, ‘of course’ he repeated.

‘It appears Nashh is planning to empty the Bastard hangars’. ‘He has done extensive research into what the value of all the contents both here and in Iges’.

‘And?’ Flash quizzed.

‘Well that's it’. Morrigan was a little surprised by Flash's reaction.

Flash removed his sunglasses and rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands. He regarded Morrigan for a moment before he continued.

‘Pirate Commodore Nashh Kadavr, awarded with 14 medals, served for nearly 2 years, loyally!’ Flash rose up from his seat and slammed his fists on the table.’In a single donation he has been one of our biggest contributors in the history of our glorious corporation’. ‘And now... you care to tell me he is going to rob his beloved brothers and sisters?! With just that as proof!’

‘I... But...’Morrigan stuttered.

‘You may go’. Flash retook his seat and pointed at the door.

Morrigan was stunned, her mind racing to try and grasp hold of what had just happened.
This conversation was over, the outcome not clear. But she knew she was no longer welcome.

As the door closed behind her, Flashfresh sat in silence.

After deliberating for a considerable length of time he used the neo-com on the corner of the desk.



‘Don't ask me why right now but revoke Nashh's hangar rights, effective immediately’.

‘Er.. Sir, he has just resigned’. ‘He has no access’.

‘He what?... Is there anything missing?’

‘Let me check sir’.

A moment passed before Hermit returned.

‘No sir, everything is still here...’

‘Thank you Hermit, over and out’.

Flash sat in his heavy leather chair. He poured himself a small glass of rum from a bottle hidden in the bottom drawer of his oak desk.

Before sipping the golden liquid he raised his glass and muttered to himself; 'good luck, you'll be back'.


With an uneasy feeling Morrigan returned to Nashh Kadavr's luxury apartment in Evati VII.

Nashh was dressed in full pilot gear, nothing unusual, although the Bastard logo was missing from the back of the jacket.

'we need to talk' Morrigan urged.

‘Yes, I have something to tell you, follow me' Nashh interrupted.

‘I have an orca pilot on standby in case you don't want to come with me’, Nashh explained in the elevator on the way down.

‘Don't get me wrong, you are invaluable to me but I am not sure if this is the kind of adventure you wish to be part of’.

‘I.. Er..’ Morrigan started.

With a loud hiss the elevator doors opened on level B691; Nashh's personal hangar.

Alison Virpio awaited them. ‘Good morning CEO’ she smiled, saluting him as he walked past.

‘CEO?’ Morrigan asked, ‘what is going on?’

‘Are we ready Alison?’ Nashh demanded.


‘Ready for what?’ Morrigan desperately wanted to know.

Alison handed Morrigan a neo-pad. The information shown on the first page showed the contents of the Orca parked at the far end of the enormous hangar.

‘Large ammar pos, ship-maintenance array, fuel...’Morrigan read aloud. ‘What is this?’

‘We are Kadavr Conglomerate’, Nashh smiled, ‘wormhole explorers, are you coming?’

Considering her options quickly Morrigan replied;

‘Fuck yeah...’