Friday 23 July 2010

Hulkageddon Prizes Awarded

Hulkageddon Prizes Awarded;

First off I want to apoligize to Mr Boson as I agreed to help him find the appropriate winners for the prizes made available to HK3, I have been too busy in RL to do this but I have sorted out at least the prizes I promised myself.

Without further ado;

Name; Nashh Kadavr’s ‘Project Rifter’

Prize; 10 Rifters and Rocket Rifter Packages
Goal; Hulk kill with the most rifters on the killmail

This has been awarded to Valgore Muerte from the Tuskers for owning the KM with the most rifters on it (2), prize delivered to his home system Hevrice.

Name; Nashh Kadavr’s ‘CDM’

Prize; Participation in a CDM or 500 million isk
Goal; Top scoring Pilot according to HK3 killboard

There was no other than Mr Phil to claim this one, he chose the 500mil cold currency, shame, he would have been an interesting chap to meet.

Name; Nashh Kadavr’s ‘Mad Scientist’

Prize; 1000 assorted Data Cores
Goal; Hulk kill with the most T2 ships on the killmail

This one went to Ol'summer Bedlinen with a sweet 5 T2 ships on the KM. Hope they are of use!

Well done to all the winners, sponsors and organisors of this event. much love for all!

Clearly the prizes where donated to promote my blog and I am not ashamed to be a attention whore. I am and have accepted that. Next time I'll ensure to have prizes donated earlier and maybe bigger, if my wallet so permits...

Watch this space...


  1. Wow 5 t2 ships on the mail.. But for that prize it was defiantly worth it, and i liked how you did it in a non first second third, order.

  2. Shame Mr Phil didn't go for a CDM, but I can kinda see his reasoning

  3. Well I just wanted to a report on those Rifters I got, I think I have 2 of the original 10 hulls left. I am proud to say they have served their purpose well and have gone down in glorious blazing fireballs. Thanks again