Friday 18 June 2010

100 blog postings

This is my onehundreth post! For some not a mayor achievement perhaps, but for me it is. I had never thought I enjoyed writing to be very honest but August 2009 I started off to give it a try.

Being a big fan of the Capsuleer application on my i-pod, being part of the blog pack was a dream. That dream realised I just hope to post enough readable material to keep me in it.

The beginnings
One of my first projects took off like a rocket. Celebrity Death Match was born the day I fought Shae Tiann and wrote a post about it calling it CDM just for shits and giggles. Piggybacking on the success of others the concept became well known and before I knew it I was renamed; ‘that CDM guy’.

The CDM project is still going but it is increasingly harder to get celebrities to commit and agree a time and place to meet up. The series however remains the back bone of my blog and still gets the most hits when I post a new one.

Just this week #21 has been completed and CDM #20 is still to be posted, I have a few celebrities that have agreed to meet and fight me but more on that soon.

Then what?
Other than the CDM posts I run various other projects; ‘A week in the life of…’ Is a series where I spend a week in a well known corp to see what they get up to and what the pilots are like. ‘A week in the life of the Pythons’ proved to be a huge success and a second one had been planned not long after. I intended to spend a week with the Tuskers but with a Bastard/Tusker alliance now in full effect it seems a little pointless. That and the fact the Tuskers have been getting enough attention lately made me put this one off a little longer…

‘Project Rifter’ has just commenced and seems to be reasonable popular also. I wanted to see what the big deal with the Rifter was and thus skilled 46 days specifically to fly this frigate. The project is in full swing so more on that soon…

The all important fillers; in between projects I try to keep my audience entertained with some Pirate related adventures under the posting header ‘Pirates Ahoy!’. In these posts I tell the tales of Bastards and friends and the yarring we get into.

I tried to be clever like Roc Wieler and do a ‘Roc’s Rules’ type thing with the Series called ‘Bio Funnies’, however I have not found this particularly stimulating and have stopped these for the time being.

Another string of posts I started is the Help Desk. Originally I intended to publish self written guides about; D-scanner use, probing, aggression timers etc etc. These have all been done so many times already however and much better than I could do myself. Instead it evolved in to a ship fitting guide with clear disclaimers to avoid too much trolling.

Ramblings is another header I use to post stuff I simply can’t fit in anywhere else, it is indeed filled with ramblings and if I doodle anything this is where it can be found.

I don’t know about fans but my blog has 46 followers and I get the occasional shout-out in local. I find it all very flattering and have learned to enjoy it. My goal is to eventually have as many followers as Kirith or Mynxee, go on, stroke my ego and click 'follow'.

Pilots have convo’d me throughout EVE to complement or duel me and I always accept. I don’t mind losing a ship here or there…

I did once get an EVE-mail from an army-chap based in Iraq, who said my post made his days easier, that choked me up a bit…

I have to admit I am a bit of a pc-noob and thus don’t know how to find out if anybody has subscribed to this blog through Google-reader or such likes. A friend has been so kind to add Google Analytics to my blog and I have been following that every day ever since…

In a game of statistics lets have some statistics, please note that these figures are taken from Google Analytics and thus do not show some RSS feeds and no i-pod capsuleer readers are added to this. God knows how many i-podders read all this rubbish, they never leave a comment =)

Top 5 most viewed posts;
1 A week I the Life of the pythons
2 Help Desk 4; how to fit a drake
3 EPIC Celebrity Death Match #16
4 Celebrity Death Match #19 Prometheus
5 Help Desk 5; how to fit a Vexor

Top 5 reffering sites;
1 Mynxee’s; Life in Low sec
2 Spectre’s; Evenewb (RIP?)
3 Kane Rizzel’s; A pirates perspective
4 Crazy Kinux; Crazy Kinux Musings
5 Kiriths Kodachi’s; Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah

Top 5 Country visits
1 United States
2 United Kingdom
3 Canada
4 Australia
5 Germany
(Blog visited by CCP; 22)

Top 5 strange keywords that apparently land you on my blog
1 ‘celebrity crutch shot’
2 ‘jensius duo’
3 ‘banana alpha’
4 ‘pre-arranged girl fight’
5 ‘eve rifter blog jerk’

And now?
Wow, I don’t know really, we’ll see where all this takes me. I am a proud Bastard and intend to stay there and thus posts will be Bastard related in some way for sure.

As CDM #20 has already happened I shall post CDM statistic next I guess as I try to do them every 5 CDM’s. Other than that I am working on a video to go with the next ‘Project Rifter’ post, desperately trying to get hold of Photoshop so I can work on some more art-work and then there is recruitment again soon too…

Watch this space


  1. Congrats on 100! It is a huge milestone in many ways, writing a blog can be more difficult than people might imagine and seeing it thru day after day takes a lot of effort. Especially as quality and entertaining as yours. I've been reading almost since the beginning and have enjoyed every word.

    Here's to the next 100!

  2. Woo, 100 already?! It certainly took me by surprise at first, but when you listed all your various posting projects, it made perfect sense.

    You've definitely got a knack for doing things cool enough to write about, which clearly reflects in your posts.

    The stats were fun as well. Banana alpha?

  3. Gratz Nashh! That's a big accomplishment and even better, your posts are always fun to read!

  4. Grats on your hundredth. Have you heard of the Gimp? It's Photoshop but open source, you should check it out.

  5. This is one of the better blogs around and congratulations on your 100th post. I do want to read more about 'a week in the life of' - series...

  6. @ Tyrion; thanks dude i shall try it!

    @ Flash; aye, it was good fun but incredibly hard work. soon though...

  7. Gratz mate! I thought I was already following you and got such a shock when I realised I hadn't yet!


    Fly Dangerous o/

  8. Congrats Nash :)

    P.S. Banana Alpha.