Wednesday 9 June 2010

Bastard Medals June 2010

A bit late but as the say better than never. With z0de, Arrhi and Raelyf back on a more regular basis the killboard has evened out to a more normal level. Between the 3 of them I had expected them to completely dominate the Kill- and Ransom Board but it appears I did have my say here or there.

The month of June will see less action for me as RL has got a firm grip on my time. That combined with some deadly additions to the corp will mean my efforts to stay in the top 3 of any award this month will be futile.

Anyways without further delay;

Top Killers
1# Raelyf (72)
2# Arrhidaeus (66)
3# z0de (65)

Top Scorers
1# Nashh Kadavr (11232)
2# Raelyf (7068)
3# z0de (6775)

Top Solo Killers
1# Nashh Kadavr (22)
2# Raelyf (21)
2# Arrhidaeus (20)

Top Damage Dealers
1# Raelyf (53)
2# Nashh Kadavr (32)
3# Arrhidaeus (31)

Top Final Blows
1# Raelyf (50)
2# Nashh Kadavr (30)
3# Arrhidaeus (30)

Top Pod Killers
1# Arrhidaeus (9)
2# Nashh Kadavr (9)
3# z0de (8)

Top Griefers
1# z0de (5)
2# lord breathnach (2)
3# Kingzolo (2)

Most Ransoms
1# Nashh Kadavr (4)
2# Zemledok (3)
3# Raelyf (3)

Most Ransoms
1# Raelyf (183.214.286 isk)
2# Kingzolo (176.230.000 isk)
3# Mon Palae (154.290.000 isk)

Kill of the Month

Not decided but we all know who shall be winning this one...


  1. The Bastards have definitely been kicking it up a notch recently. Once the Tourney is over and recruitment can resume, if we get a few more really solid pilots we definitely will a fierce bunch of pirates.

  2. Indeed - we had to put a kibosh on the recruitment until the AT is done and dusted. Then peeps will be hitting the KB and RansonBoard with gusto. I am going to restart my regular roams too so I can't wait. Sometimes, the AT pre is a pain! Also, have a scan through our medal winners...would be an interesting post too.

  3. I shall do a recruitment post when we reopen recruitment flashh, with some stats on the last recruitment round, i may need some help with that though =)