Monday 28 June 2010

T'amber and Ships of Eve

I may have a different outlook on life and on EVE than most people. One particular subject most people wil disagree on (after money, woman or religion) is art. Personally I have great respect for people with the skills to produce something original or people that create something that most people can not.

This post could continue talking about the works of Van Gogh or Michelangelo but I guess it would lose readers pretty soon. This post is dedicated to the creator of ShipsOfEve Mr T'amber and the brilliant stuff he has created.

Please note that this is a mere selection of the amazing selection of EVE related art he has created but I had to pick a few to make your jaws drop. There is lots more and I couldn't speak when he started showing me some of his work, but with his permission I present you the following;

Thank you so much for sharing this with us Mr T'amber, I wish you had more time to do more of this as this is truly what inspires us mere EVE plebs.

For those interested, and yes that is all of you, please view the lots and lots of other stuff produced for ShipsOfEve by mr T'amber here.

(ps no, there shall be no re-match between you and me, I have something much better in mind for you sir....)

Watch this space