Sunday 6 June 2010

Alliance Tournament 8; CCP Claw Ransomed

We may not have been so lucky in our first match in this tournament but we are not down and out just yet. RL has prohibited me from attending more than 2 training sessions and thus I am sitting it out cheering on the boys from the side-line, handing out refreshing beverage's and providing strippers were required.

I am glued to EVE TV and am watching all the matches, best moment so far is worth a post though, CCP-Claw gets dragged into our Ransom Channel;

EVE System > Channel MOTD:
This is a stick up! You are being ransomed.
Turn off ALL weapons. Prepare your funds for transfer.
Singing ransoms may be demanded.
Read the Bastard Pass for more info on prices

flashfresh > this is a stick up
Arrhidaeus > Singing ransom?
Arrhidaeus > We demand a Haiku
Nashh Kadavr > and a dance
Nashh Kadavr > and a kiss for z0de
Nashh Kadavr > you have 8 seconds
Arrhidaeus > To turn him into a Prince!
Nashh Kadavr > 7
Nashh Kadavr > 6
Nashh Kadavr > 5
Nashh Kadavr > hurry
Nashh Kadavr > 4
Nashh Kadavr > 3
Nashh Kadavr > 2
Nashh Kadavr > 1
Nashh Kadavr > kk kill him boys
CCP Claw > invited to chat / forced to write a quick haiku / is this any good?
Nashh Kadavr > lol
Mr Frog > lols
Mr Frog > nice
flashfresh > nice
Arrhidaeus > Okay, you may go
Mr Frog > bio'd
Raelyf > well played
CCP Claw > o/
Nashh Kadavr > o/


  1. nicely done. I was rootin' for you guys, some interesting matches today.

  2. Woot! Know to know always have a few haikus written down somewhere.

  3. Shhh! Or they start demanding iambic pentameters!