Thursday 16 June 2011

The BIG three O

So the BIG three O is coming my way... Never seen that one coming.

I am not much for celebrating birthdays, usually I spend them at home drinking myself silly, watching a bit of telly or something like that. Not moping or anything I just dont like b'days.

Anyway, this year I am changing that, I am having a big party at my house on Saturday 25th, snacks, supplies, lotsa beer and sunshine. (if you live near the caribean you are welcome btw)

My actual birthday is the 24th and after a lovely meal with the family I will be given a pass by the wife to get silly drunk and play EVE online in the evening. Sweet!

So you wonder what? Why should you care? Well, I would like to hereby invite anyone reading this to come to Evati on Friday the 24th June 2011 and bring a frigate of your choosing for some pewpew. I will arrange for some (100) t1 fit frigates of various flavours to be available and anyone attending is free to use these to cause havoc on any willing or unwilling Pilot in system. Btw, I hate disco's but feel free if you have to...

I am currently on EAST USA time zone and expect to be online just before midnight EVE TIME, ofcourse feel free to be there before.

If you feel the need to bring gifts then these are very welcome ofcourse, I will ensure any isk sent gets a good home ;-)

Why not leave a comment below so I know if you will be attending?


Thanatos - Dame Death (love you)

Federation Navy Comet - Rixx Javix (thanks bro! keep strong)

Republic Fleet Firetail - Kenza (legend!)

Tengu - TheHermit (dude u rock!)

Marko Drack - Gistii - B type AB and MWD (Mucho Gracias!)

50 mil - Skyreth (Thanks for showing up!)


  1. since ive gotta haul the bloody frigs for this, I'll prob be there :P

  2. You know I'd love nothing more than to come up there and fight with you m8! I will if I can, but no promises right now.

    Either way, I've put your birthday present up on contracts. I drove 14j one way just to drop it off so you better enjoy it!

    omw so it'll be there shortly.

  3. I'll try to be on for it happy b-day

  4. May or may not be able to attend as per the EVEMail.

    p.s,went 17 jumps from jita to park the present in a convenient place for you lol...

  5. Will be attending this one. Presents are en route

  6. Happy B'day mate. Was a good fight till it turned into proper fleet battles lol.

    Hope you find a use for the ISK =P

  7. Happy birthday too though it seems a bit later :P