Friday 13 August 2010


Cometh and see the spectacle to be known as DeathRace! Organized by Rixx Javix the first DeathRace event is going to be EPIC and shall be written into EVE History!

For more information check out the initial post and check out Rixx’s blog and the official DeathRace site.

Right, are you back? Excellent, now that you are up to speed; please note that I have donated 10 Rocket Rifters for the pilot scoring the most kills in the race I wish to further extend my support to this fantastic idea by sponsoring 20 pilots to participate in the event.

That’s right, you can fly and race in DeathRace2010 and win a whole horde of fantastic prizes for absolutely free!

The next 20 pilots leaving a comment below this post will have their entry fee paid for by myself! Simply leave your participating Characters name in the comments below and I shall forward your details to Rixx and pay your entry fee!

Good Luck and fly reckless!


Participants sponsored by Nashh Kadavrs EVE Blog;

1 ; Chimagia

2 ; El Tea

3 ; Jartren

4 ; Brother Murphy

5 ; JEK3

6 ; Zen'tau

7 ; astral dominix

8 ; Admiral Norbank

9 ; Flafnir

10; ArhKeNez

11; Mea VI

12; Mord Fiddle

13; Vallorie

14; Azohauler

15; evanv04

16; Skippermonkey

17; Hardreign

18; Max Ursa

19; Angelus Infirim

20; Amnatar Kyaan


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  2. That's very generous of you. I am new to EVE and this is the first event I read about and thought it would be fun, but could never afford to enter. I know I have no chance of even finishing but I will be awesome to be part of it. Chimagia in game.

  3. If only I had high enough standing to use a jump clone somewhere... I'm a new player myself and can't afford to lose the implants I have in :(

    Though I won't be able to participate for said reason. I wanted to thank you anyways Nashh, for being such a selfless person!

  4. Free death race? I'm sold! My Eve name is El Tea and I'm looking forward to Cannonball Run style shenanigans!

  5. Even though you are Pirate scum it is still a good thing you are doing m8! I don't care what the other Bastards say about you, in my book you're... well the least scummy pirate I know.

  6. Perfect! I saw the post about Death Race and wanted to try, but 5 Mil isk is a ton of money for a newbie. Jartren is the name.

  7. I take you up on your generosity.

    The name is Nitor1013Z ingame...good luck m8 i have a feeling you're gunna need it :P

  8. Dammit, why couldn't you have posted this yesterday? I already paid my entry fee, and you KNOW I'm a poor pirate who has no carebear alt to provide easy ISKies.

  9. Woops, this is embarrassing but i juts realized i cant make the death race D:

    Nashh please give someone else my spot D: The name was Nitor1013Z

    Good luck to all \o/

  10. Hello I would like to enter the Race courtesy of your generosity please?

  11. Man I really really want to do this race, but it's like, at 2am here in Australia or something :(
    I might still come, not sure.
    Very generous of you to offer this to people!
    Should be great fun.

  12. Hey, that race is just too crazy, I wanna be part of that sickness!!!!!! I just hope i can get a ship down in that system!!!!!!!!!
    Get me in please, and tkssss for the free entry mate!


  13. I'd love to run the race... Sign me up. In game name is Zen'tau.

  14. Ok I'm a humble and poor pirate, astral dominix will race....or gang it in stealth bombers....
    But I'll be there lol

  15. I'd love to run the death race sign me up, character is Admiral Norbank

  16. Love the blog first up and love you even more for free death race, Flafnir ingame

  17. I'd love to run as well this funny death race, sign me up, ingame Character : ArhKeNeZ.

  18. Post 20?!
    Mea VI would love to get in this

  19. Put me in, Coach. I feel the need for speed.

    Mord Fiddle

  20. The death sounds cool and free is always better. Ingame character: Vallorie

  21. Azohauler looking for entry

  22. If there's a spot left I would like to join evanv04 pilot pls

  23. Yes plz..sign Skippermonkey up for this barrel of fun!

  24. Lovely poster - we should make a gallery of such items of artistry...

  25. Hardreign for a Nashh sponsored entry. DIE FAST!

  26. sign Max Ursa up and ill be there (pregnant) wife permitting, if im a no show i will gladly refund you.

  27. pleace sign up Angelus Infirim for that fun, thanks for your sponsorship!

  28. And here comes "Amnatar Kyaan" ! I will remember to be grateful when my Capsule becomes squishy ;)