Sunday 30 May 2010

MEME; Statistics

As stated before (against my own better judgment) I am a statistics whore. I just cant help myself, I love them. Anyways I came across this post from Romeo Blackstorm and figured is would make a good MEME chain post.

Not sure really who decides you can do one of these and who decides when and how you join in but I’ll give it a go. So here are my stats in a similar format as Romeo has done.

Battleclinic Statistics

Rank; #7960, perhaps not greatly impressive however January 2010 my rank was #22135 so good progress at least.

Kills; 402

Losses; 109

Favourite prey; Battlecruiser (isn’t everybody’s?)

Ship lost most frequently; Frigate, generally of the Faction variety hence my high isk loss I guess.
Estimated skill points; 29.972.129 which sounds about right. Nashh started of as a freighter pilot so a lot of his SP are non combat related.
Damage in isk done; 21.966.386 isk, helped along by some expensive faction fit Marauders and T3 Cruisers.

Corp Database;

Chance of enemy survival;
Efficiency; 86.11%

Top 10 ships used;

1 #; Drake; 128
2 #; Vexor; 46
3 #; Ishkur; 41
4 #; Myrmidon; 40
5 #; Ishtar; 25
6 #; Gallente Navy Comet; 22
7 #; Crow; 19
8 #; Enyo; 18
9 #; Worm; 16
10#; Tristan/Kestrel; 7

Top 5 most weapons used;

1#; Caldari Navy Scourge Heavy Missile (not that surprising)
2#; Warrior II
3#; Light Neutron Blaster II
4#; Hobgoblin II
5#; Caldari Navy Terror Assault Missile (haven’t used these for 6 months so wtf?)

Ransom Stats;

Total Ransoms made;
Total isk made; 538.636.905k

I have shown you mine now show me yours!


  1. excuse the lack of spaces. posted at work and this pc is shit. will amend later.

  2. Excellent work here - why not do a statistical analysis of The Bastards recruitment (applied/failed/withdrew) and oher corp related stuff? Happy to help