Wednesday 14 October 2009

Celebrity Death (Re-)Match #17 Kirith Kodachi

Kirith Kodachi – The Fist Shaker (14th October 2009)

Finally the long awaited re-match with Kirith Kodachi. Mr Kodachi has been shaking fists at me through varies means after losing his first Celebrity Death Match in Battlecruisers.

A rematch was sure to happen but it has taken a fair bit of time to actually get online together and slug it out once more. Both of us have either been pre-occupied with RL or Eve related stuff.

Kirith is still one of the most abundant writers in the blogging community. I don’t know how he does it. I mean; I know how long it takes to write a post. Some longer than others, but checking your spelling, re-reading them to make sure you don’t sound stupid takes some time. Kirith however blogs like I a normal human’s heart beats.

‘Verbal diarrhoea’ he professed to me. Maybe so but it still requires a significant amount of intellect to come up with the quality posts, at the amount he does. I take my hat off and hold him in high esteem.

‘/me Shakes fist at Nashh’ is something that became familiar to me whenever Kirith and myself found ourselves online at the same time. Not that he was bitter I am sure but merely a loss he perhaps not had expected. Also he indicated fairly quickly he would like to meet again. Destroyer class vessels this time, a CDM first.

Here we are, 12 Celebrity Death Matches have happened between our 2 encounters. Number 5 proved unlucky for Kirith but was number 17 to be any better? I felt confident that it was my turn to win again…

I know that my foe holds higher skill points in nearly everything but Missile’s and there are no Tech 1 Destroyers with any launcher hard-points. I have however skilled for the Turrets I fitted on my Navy Vexor last Sunday so I didn’t mind too much. I only have the Destroyer skill to level 2 but so does Kirith last time I checked, so again that did not worry me.

Then it came to choosing a ship; either the Caldari Cormorant or the Gallente Catalyst. Browsing some websites I decided to go with a gank Catalyst, hoping to out-damage my opponent quickly.

Checking EFT with some suggested fits did not suit me as well as I thought and I remembered that Mr Kodachi has superior navigation skills. Not an issue per se but with a short-range setup this could make it difficult for me. I didn’t want to be sniped to death…

I’ll snipe him instead I figured. Back to the drawing-board, forget Battleclinic and Scrapheaps, brain power and beer is all I need. Speed module? Check! 125mm Railguns? Check! Damage rigs? Check!...mmm extra mid slots… lets see, if I get into a 5 k orbit, nos him to make my cap stable, then use tracking disrupters. Yeah! That’s it!

It all just about fit and I purchased the modules I needed. All I required now was a +12 powercore. I remembered I bought Caldari Navy Powercore a few weeks back but I left it in Evati. A round trip of 44 jumps but I was a little early and figured I could make it in 30 minutes so I set off…

Halfway to Evati, Kiriths portrait blinked in the bottom of my screen, soon followed by a private chat window opening.

We chatted for the duration of the journey but did not meet up on vent, both of us sitting next to our pregnant better halves watching tv. For some reason spaceships do not appeal to everyone…

I asked him if he had brought a Catalyst or a Cormorant himself, not that it would have changed my fit as my ship was ready to go. ‘Catalyst’ he hesitantly revealed. ‘Crap’ I said, knowing the potential DPS he would be able to inflict on me if my plan wouldn’t work…

On arrival in system we did not waste any time and undocked and met at Planet 1. We took from each others cans and agreed to warp to planet 2 to commence battle.

‘Shall I warp to 20 and you to 0?’ Kirith requested. ‘Sure’ I immediately replied, knowing that a little space between us from the start would suit my plan very well. My heartbeat sped up and my face started to glow with anticipation. Kirith had unknowing signed his own death…

Upon the Warp bubbles collapse neither of us paused; targeting and activating all modules available… With weapons roaring and disrupters disrupting, I selected the 5 kilometre orbit I wanted. I was taking some damage but it didn’t bother me as I knew my win was secured as soon as I get into orbit.

My pitiful shields started to take huge hits now and it finally dawned on me I was no where near getting the orbit distance I wanted. I intended stay out of the range of his weapons but instead Kirith stayed out of the range of mine!

My foe had slipped into a comfortable 40k orbit from me and peppered my fragile hull taking no more than a minute or so to rip it apart.

Kirith had got his revenge and got it well. Spoils went to the victor and it included the Caldari Navy Powercore which was to be the trophy of our encounter.

Kirith wrote a great article on duels, something that clearly took my notice, being in the duelling business myself. Maybe it would be nice to add trophies and a prize cupboard in ones hangar.

Before the fight commenced we already agreed there cannot be a CDM that draws, there needs to be a winner. Kirith agreed to a Battleship duel if he would win. Now I am clearly gutted to have lost, however the now secured BS fight has lifted my spirits…

I know Kirith is mad for his Rokh but I don’t really fancy being sniped from 190K so some rules will have to be set. Range for one, no ECM for second. If anyone has a suggestion on how to go about this upcoming fight leave me a message…

For now lets leave Mr Kirith Kodachi to gloat…


  1. Entertaining read as usual. Sounds like a fun fight!

  2. Nice job Kirith. As far as the range thing Nash, when I generally commit to a 1v1 I tell people that it is perfectly valid and acceptable to warp out if they are not scrambled/disrupted at any point in the fight. In other words, if you don't bring a ship that can fight within range and keep a point then you will be unable to secure a win. This gives a pretty good counter in case someone brings a sniping or nano fit to a 1v1 and ensures that they fit in a manner that more closely resembles how their ship would be fit out in the wild. You might want to try setting this as a rule in the future.

    P.S. When is my rematch? I want to kill you again!

  3. Better luck next time Nashh and well done Kirth... Imo Nashh usually if someone offers something that seems like its working well in your favor.... its working better in there's : )

  4. hmmm - if he likes his sniping Rokh, and you impose distance restrictions - beware the torp raven..... that's what I would do if I had to go close range in a caldari battleship.