Tuesday 20 October 2009

Ramblings #11 What is a celebrity?

Celebrity (Encarta Dictionary), descriptive name given to individuals, male or female, who capture public attention, largely through the media, and who have a broad general significance in contemporary society and culture.

Now this pretty much sums up what a celebrity is. I mean I could explain Wikipedia’s version of what a celebrity is but it seems pointless. Also I think that this term explained as it is leaves enough space to leave it open to interpretation.

Some of the celebs I have fought in the preceding Celebrity Death Matches have been surprised why I would ask them specifically to participate. The answer is simple really; I set out to fight well known pilots in New Eden.

Some are more well known than others I admit ,however the pilots is selected have stood out in the fact that they are known through the blogs they have written or in some cases the work they put into the Eve community.

Some names will be familiar to a lot of people simply because they have been selected by The Blog Father Crazy Kinux and get uploaded by 25000 capsuleers. There are over 800 blogs written for and about Eve but the 40 most prolific, the cream of the crop, are added to the famous blog pack.

Some pilots have not stopped here; some have written articles for the EON magazine and other Eve related publications. Some have had their profile increased by Radio interviews or made it in the CCP newsreels.

Some are part of famous Corporations and top the ranks within those organizations by skill and determination, automatically becoming a representative of said organization.

Now this begs the question; am I then by these standards a celebrity? I mean; I am part of the Blog pack, I will appear for a radio interview and I am part of a famous Corporation. Or am I simply taking a piggy-back on other peoples success? Is or should there be a ranking in celebrities? If so where would I fit in?

Do I like or dislike it? I never thought I would but I must admit I now follow my ratings every day; I love my followers and crave more hits. Having worked with a major name like Mynxee has clearly shown the effect on my own ratings. And a fan base even half the size of hers would maybe convince me to convo myself for a CDM…

Above all and most importantly; I do this for fun. I love the excitement of meeting these people I have read about and finding out what they are like. I love the thrill of the preparation and the excitement of the fight and run up, no matter what the outcome.

More Celebrity Death Matches will follow so watch this space…


  1. when are you going to fight yourself? How will you determine if you win or lose? :)

  2. I dont know if I will as it seems pointless tbh. if i do?; mm tough call. do i duell box my alts and if Nashh wins its a win? or do I get someone else to run my alt? tough call...

    I am open to suggestions =)

    Ps sorry for the formatting on this post I did it at work and it didnt come out very neat. grr

  3. In my opinion, you are a Celebrity not for piggybacking on other celebrities successes but for taking an untap resource, the celebrityness itself, and turning it into more excitement and fun.

    That takes a certain je ne sais quoi to pull off as effectively as you have.

    P.S. email me at kkodachi@gmail.com and we can iron down the Battleship Deathmatch details.

  4. Thanks Kirith, very kind of you.

    ps check your inbox =)

  5. What KK said--you are and deserve to be a celebrity for having a brilliant idea, brilliantly executed. What I find charming about EVE though, is that while we may be recognizable in our little pirate pond, over in the 0.0 lake, probably no one has ever heard of us. That alone makes the New Eden universe seem really vast.

  6. Nashh, third time trying to write this lol, maybe it will stick now :) You have executed a great idea. You bring no alice to bear, you fight honorably, you take no quarter when one is offered. What is not to like about a fight like that? You remind me of a duelist, who reaches down and gives the sword back to the opponent. Honor & Respect are given to others, and are given back in turn you deserve all the good things you get !

    Keep kicking ass and I will keep reading/commenting!

  7. Thanks for your kind words guys. much appreciated!

  8. Besides striking out on something new and refreshing and just sheer entertainment, your reports and retellings of the events are very well done and captivating to read. That alone gives reason to say you've made your own success story. If you didn't write well about it, I, and i'm sure many others, might not have been so interested in reading each encounter.

    Oh, and I'm not sure a match against yourself would be a good idea. I mean, all I can see happening is a constant draw cuz you'll always come perfectly prepared to counter what you brought to the fight! :)

  9. Nash, there are a thousand pilots in Eve kicking themselves saying "now why didn't I think of that?!" I'm one of them!

    That's why I offered you a duel awhile back. Not for a blog mention, not for any type of recognition, but out of respect for your kickass idea and your wonderful implementation of it.

    Keep up the great work! =)

  10. Hey there. You need to move the text color styling outside of the blog post. In google reader it renders as white on white.

  11. Yep, you're now a celebrity. The trick in the game as in real life is to decide if you want to maintain that status and how. In EvE at least there are no stalkers and no paparazzi. :-)

  12. I agree with everyone here. Not only have you tapped a new resource, you write about it well, seem to take it seriously enough to care about the outcome and I don't mean the result of the fight, I mean the results of your mission to provide entertainment and interaction with said celebs.

    I can only hope my own mission to populate low sec gets a small share of the same recognition you have gained. I have made lots of interesting and diverse friendships in the process, and gained a unique perspective of the game, but I haven't gained the visibility you have, that's for sure.

    Honestly, good job mate!

  13. thanks for the comments guys! wow!

    @ altaree yeah i had to as for some reason this post is all messed up; wrong spacing and colour forced me to put it up like this. /me sighs.

    i promise not to do it again. =)

  14. Great idea Nash! To maintain your blossoming celebrity cred, I suggest you engage in a gratuitous crotch shot the next time you climb out of your Taranis in front of the throngs of station paparazzi... People eat that up, just ask Paris or Brittney.