Tuesday 13 October 2009

Ramblings #9 Just to let you know...


1. slang. a. a vicious, despicable, or thoroughly disliked person: some bastard ransomed my battleship. b. a person, esp. a man: the dirty bastard blew up our POS.
2. something irregular, inferior, spurious, or unusual.
3. of abnormal or irregular shape or size; of unusual make or proportions: bastard sized 425mm AC; bastard blasters; bastard pewpew lasers.
4. having the appearance of; resembling in some degree: a bastard pirate; bastard eye patch; a bastard parrot; a bastard pegleg; bastard grog.
5. Nashh Kadavr…


  1. hey congratulations! next stop: hot date with Mynxee?

  2. That's awesome, hon! Welcome to the family :)

  3. Gratz indeed Nashh, good luck and good hunting.

  4. Awesome Nashh.

    I'd say I hope to see you in space... but that depends on the circumstances.