Tuesday 12 October 2010

Fiction; Welcome back...

Nashh was excited; impatient almost, to see him again. It had been some time since he had left, 'extended leave' as he had referred to it. It had sounded like a more permanent move from space-piracy at first...

Nashh's Ishtar slipped into the Gultraten Space Station. Having exited the advanced-tech vessel and his pod, he strode down the lengthy hallway towards the core elevator-shafts of the enormous station. Conscious of not looking nervous, he tried not to run, but excitement made him walk silly fast.

There were various other elevators on the way but none of them ran the full height of the station however. And Kane much preferred the bars situated in the upper parts of the Gulraten station. Not that the food was any better, or the drinks any cheaper... Being up high simply gave the illusion of a better view.

'The Watering Hole' was the place of choice, Nashh had been here a few times, not that he could remember much of any of the previous occasions he had attended here.

The tall, toned and slender figure at the bar was unmistakable, Kane Rizzel, one of the most revered pirates ever to have roamed the New Eden night skies.

Nashh smiled, a spring in his step propelled him forth towards the bar. Kane spun round slowly, already anticipating Nashh's arrival.

'Welcome back! you sonofa..!’ Nashh shouted... Kane's bear-hug was tight, so tight it squeezed out enough air from Nashh's lungs to stop him from finishing his sentence.

‘Good to see you... you fucking Bastard’, Kane started, glancing down at the Bastard insignia on Nashh's chest. 'Can't believe Flash still hangs on to you after all this time ha! Quafe?!’ Kane pointed at the smiling and waiting bartender.

‘Ello Mr Kadavr’, Roy the tender grinned, ‘good to see you again’.

‘And you' Nashh nodded, smiling politely. Roy looked familiar, but nothing more than a vague memory.

Kane sighed a deep breath, ‘I missed this place you know ...’. He leaned nonchalantly with his back against the bar, slowly surveying the busy pub.

Roy had put a bottle of rum on the bar next to the two glasses of Quafe and smiled at Nashh. His smile diminished as Nashh waved his offer away, shaking his head.

‘Sixteen weeks my friend, sixteen fucking weeks and I feel better and stronger than ever!’

Nashh nodded, smiled and picked up his Quafe. 'Four weeks and counting' he mumbled before taking a sip.

Kane half turned and slapped Nashh across the shoulder. The extra height and weight Kane had, provided enough power for Nashh to swallow some of his Quafe and inhale some at the same time.

‘Fucking well done chief!’ He belted out excited. Mr Rizzel picked up his Quafe and in one smooth movement let it slide down his gullet.

Nashh stared at the feared solo pirate; admiration had always been the overwhelming factor whenever they had met. So many desired to be his friend, or merely be given the opportunity to speak to him.

Kane slammed his empty glass on the bar, exhaling loudly.

‘I was meaning to ask you Kane...’

A sharp bleeping sound interrupted Nashh mid-sentence.

Kane retrieved a data-pad from his jacket. Fixing his eyes on the data-pad he waved his hand, gesturing for Nashh to continue his question.

‘Well.. I was just thinking if...', Nashh looked from Kane to the data-pad, wondering if Kane was still listening, 'I was just hoping that maybe...'

'Holy-fuck-sticks!' Kane interrupted, slapping a hand on Nashh's shoulder. ‘Don't move sunshine, I'll be right back, some friends need a little help'.

'..Can I come..' Nashh already turned his body towards the exit.

'This won't take long’, Kane smiled, his piercing glance deep into Nashh’s eye sockets and firm hand on his shoulder made it clear he was not to get involved. I’ll be right back' Kane smirked.

Not for a long time had he seen Kane in such a good mood, happy to be alive. Happy to be back, killing and ransoming, doing the thing he was good at.

'Good luck…' Nashh nodded, trying his best not to look disappointed. Kane was already exiting and didn't respond, big strides carrying him out.

‘I'll just wait here’, Nashh mumbled to himself as he turned back to face the bar.

Roy smiled him another smile.

Nashh regarded him for a moment and then looked from the jolly tender to his Quafe and back.

‘He ain't coming back anytime soon huh?’

‘Not today Mr Kadavr, but he'll be back here, he always does'

Nashh looked at his Quafe, with pity…

‘Give it some flavour please Roy…’

‘A double, coming right up sir’.

Roy smiled.


  1. Once again a nice little read and I look forward to the next one :) oh btw when are we getting another CDM it's been awhile?

  2. I am hanging onto Nashh as he is a damn fine pilot and pirate. However, I do miss his CDMs.....

  3. Excellent story :) Even better, it's based in truth...Glad to see Kane back in fine form.

  4. Awwww, sad Nashh left all alone at the pub. =(