Wednesday 20 October 2010

Bastard for Life

Some of you that have me as an RL 'friend' on facebook may know that I am a fiend for ink. Over the last 14 odd years I have been slowly building on my collection of tattoos and many have now joined up to become part of one big blob of ink. /me shrugs...

The wife hates most if not all of them and occasionally forbids me to get any more, whenever she does I do excactly the opposite and get some more. Dunno why, just how I roll I guess...

Anyways, most tats have represented someone, something or a time in my life special or dear to me. I asked Mr Rixx Javix to design a tattoo that represented my hobby and the joy that I have playing EVE, for however long I will end up playing it. (please note it is also incorporated in my blog banner).

The tatt is indeed the ensignia of my beloved corp the Bastards and the many interesting people I have met in my time with them, friends or foes. I dont know how long this EVE addiction will last, perhaps a few more years? forever? who knows. Will I ever leave the Bastards voluntarilly? who knows, I certainly dont intend to.

Regardles, after today, I will be a Bastard for Life;


  1. Awesome tattoo m8, I've asked Rixx Javix to design one for me as well.. Hoping it will turn out as good as yours.


  2. Nashh - that looks so sweet and The Bastards as an institution is proud of this! (though we did not force or coerce Nashh into this position - caveat for Mrs Kadavr..)

    Awesome though. Looks great.

    Bastard for life indeed. The corp will be here even when New Eden suddenly finds itself besiege by Vampires.....

  3. I wonder if your wife loves it as much as we do!
    I hope to see some rifter ink eventually. :)

  4. Wow Nashh it turned out great! However did the work on that did an awesome job with the details. I hope you are pleased with the results... just don't become a real life pirate and make me see this some day in a Post Office!

  5. When I heard at first about it, I assumed it'd be a tiny little bugger on the inside of your arm, but seriously, it looks awesome. The placement/sizing was very well thought out (I hate symmetric tattoos). Obviously Rixx's work is great as well, but damn, it turned out nice.

  6. Looks cool, but there is no way I would put something from a game on my skin.

  7. Its awesome.

    And it has this cool ninja-nerd thing, as it looks like an everyday badass tattoo while you and we know you got internet spaceships under your skin.

  8. As to having something from a "game" on your skin, I thought I should address that. Initially I had the same concerns, but it quickly became apparent that Mr. Nashh was open to the idea of the Tattoo being much more than that. Eventually we both decided on what you see above, which to anyone seeing it outside the context of Eve - it simply appears to be a badass piece of art. To me, the personal connection beyond the actual artwork is what makes ink special. If Nashh had wanted the Eve logo inked on his back I would've walked away from the project, but what we ended up with is much more than "something from a game" in my opinion.

  9. Nice one.

    I'm getting some more work done on my right sleeve tomorrow

  10. Goddamn badass tattoo m8.
    Rixx did a pretty good job their.
    And of course The Bastards, live on.
    Of course, are you going to eplain it to people when they ask, and boy are they going to give you ann interesting look if they have never heard of EvE.
    Just tell em your a real life pirate, and leave it at that.

  11. Very nice!
    Makes me want to start corp now (again.. gah) just
    so I can do that... Maybe I should mention it to Gilgaboss...

  12. Hmm, I forget if you had ever posted your email for questions and in my quick search of the blog I can't find an address so I'm going to ask my question here.

    After playing around with Hybrids for months (disappointing), I'm converting to the ways of Projectiles. Have always love your posts on the Rifters which encourage me even more. My question is regarding the proper way to approach a target. Let's say my target is 20k+ out and spooked, I know not to fly straight at him since that is pwn-city, do I orbit at decreasing range? ie 15k then 10k then 5k then 1k?

  13. i recommend you read this;

    its the rifter guide by one and only wensley, you will find all you need to know about rifters and rifter pvp in that.

    good job on moving into projectiles. i am doing the same! (still love the blasters though)

  14. Love this tattoo! :D

    @kinz - if target is spooked, he's probably alligning already to get out, faster you get point on him the better. Burn straight at him!

    If he's already shooting at you then take your time, he's not in a hurry to leave, close as quickly as you can, but try to keep some travesal. Manually flying by double clicking in space will make all the difference to using the "orbit function"

    ps RifterDrifer guide is epic.

  15. want to see but pic is brokeen