Friday 15 October 2010

Crashed out...

I am out of game for the forseable future as my laptop has crashed, bigtime. My best mate and IT wizzkid is working hard to try and save what is left of my hard-drive and hopefully can salvage all the hard work I have put in the CDM#23 video, all my art-work and blog-posts from the last 11 months.

I shall have more news by Sunday...

ps. thanks for all of you signing the petition to save Capsuleer, no luck however; Capsuleer is dead...


  1. Yikes!! GIve that IT whiz person whatever they want to save our Nashh!!

  2. but nash!
    i suppose i will no long be able to read you on Capsuleer, so I suppose u should utilise the website more... and comment!

    Might get some blog posts of my own done a bit more now

  3. Nashh - hope your mate can get things sorted for you. Drop me a line if you need anything EVE-Related to be done.