Wednesday 28 April 2010

Alliance Tournament 8

Its that time of year again, AT8 is around the corner and we are in it! As the CDM proprietor you can imagine that I am a great advocate of pre-arranged fights and I am extremely happy for ‘The Tusker Bastards’ to be participating this year.

Extremely happy and nervous I have to say. Nervous simply as I fear not to be picked in any of the starting squads. Last year my alt's corp participated but I was kept on the bench as the big boys got to play. This time around I am nervous as there are far more skilled pilots at the Bastards than myself, and many of them ranking much higher on Battleclinic to prove it. When our CEO Flashfresh called a corp meeting and announced the plans to form an alliance with fellow pirates 'The Tuskers' my heart sank; more good pilots to take away a possible spot in one of the greatest events in eve.

Out of 20 Bastards attending the meeting I was the only one to vote against an alliance for this very reason, that and the for the simple reason I wanted the tourney to be a Bastard-only effort. Yes, I have only been a Bastard officially for 6 months but I hold the corp close to my heart. There has been some hick-ups along the way and z0de is a prick but not everything can be perfect. I have great respect for our cool, calm and collected CEO and many pilots within the Bastards have taught me lots and still do.

A future post will describe my bastard love in more detail and I am sure to shock at least my mum with that post...

In the last couple of weeks various fleets have been formed between the Tuskers and the Bastards; now collectively known as 'The Tusker Bastards', and to be fair I have warmed to the idea. The main concern for both parties involved was that neither would be able to field enough pilots on the day of the AT to actually participate. We certainly will do now and we (collectively) will show the rest of eve we mean business!

AT8, yarr we come!!

O yeah before I forget I wish to make very clear where my votes will go this CSM (more on this later);


  1. Battleclinic ratings don't mean much, but fleet composition and who participates seems like it'll have a lot to do with who has the appropriate skills and experience that works well with whatever strategy we go for.

    For the sake not giving any clues to our competitors, I can neither confirm or deny if you have those skills, but I think the important thing is that the corp as a whole draws from all of its members. While I would love to fly in the tournament itself, helping work out kinks with potential fleets on Sisi, all the prep that goes into preparing for our first battle is an important role too.

    So in summary, I hope you and I fly, (you fly more ships well than I do though, so you have pretty good odds IMO) but I also hope The Tusker Bastards kick some serious ass!

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words. See you on Sunday for practice!

  3. I echo the words of Arrhideaus, every pilot has a chance - EVERY pilot. We all have skills that could be of use and believe me, the tourney leaders are poring over everyone's API and skill-sets to work out who is where. No place is guaranteed and yes, I too wanted a Bastards only effort but the risk of not fielding enough of the right pilots, on the day would have done us no favours. However, I do hear you Nashh. I really do. Am sure that our new Tusker brothers and sisters share the same thoughts. You have been proving your prowess and there's been plenty of good solo kills (as well as a few losses) but you've been active and deadly. On the day, depending on who we face - the team will switch and change as required. I do hope to see you there though but am just happy to be involved and that we can surprise some people.

  4. btw do you like the poster? photoshop ftw!