Friday 23 April 2010

Bastard Recruitment Post #2

Thanks for Flash reminding me of the new recruitment link or simply copied and pasted for i-podsuleers;

"Who are The Bastards?"

The Bastards are a multinational, active low-sec pirate corporation. We engage in all forms of piracy and are committed to ensuring that others support our enjoyable style of playing.

We are also proud participants and supporters of Hulkageddon! Hulkageddon II saw us ganking our way into third place and reaping some awesome rewards and carebear tears. More info on Hulkageddon can be found here.

"What do The Bastards offer?"

Lots of fights. We encourage ransoms over explosions as we are pirates, not PvPers. We split all ransoms and loot profits among involved gang members equally.

Vent, KB, Ransom Board and corp-only forums that will all bring a smile to your face regularly.

Some logistical support. We have some corp ships available to those that need them. A large BPO inventory to meet corp members needs and members able to help you fill those ship and equipment needs from high-sec.

"Where can I find out more about the opportunistic businessmen called The Bastards?"

Our KB can be found here (ALL player related kills and losses are posted.): Kill Board

Our Ransom Board can be found here: Ransom Board

Our homepage including a link to our corp application and FAQ is: Homepage

"Characteristics of a Bastard"

Before you even bother with the below you should see our corp FAQ section here.

You must be able to use vent. If you’re online and x up for a fleet you’d better be on vent otherwise you’ll be ignored.

We recommend a 10 mil SP minimum and that you are at least 18 years old. These are not firm membership requirements and exceptions may be made on an individual basis.

You must be applying with your main.

-10 is inevitable so if you’re second guessing the lifestyle then you’re probably not Bastard material.

You must not be adverse to losing ships. We are a team and you may lose a ship while holding a target down for the gang. We will not ask you to throw away ships however, if you’re a sore loser then you’re likely not Bastard material.

You must have a good sense of humor. If you’re a sensitive type then you’re probably not Bastard material.

You must not already "know-it-all". If you do, you don't need us and we don't want you. Every Bastard has things to learn and knowledge and skill to share.

"How seriously interested must I be?"

After submitting an application with API your application will be reviewed. If we like your written app you'll be contacted by a recruitment officer for an interview. If that goes well then you will be invited to our semi-public channel to meet members and friends as well as fly in our fleets for a time to determine your compatibility with us. This will gauge how well you fit in and ensure for you that the life of a low-sec pirate is for you.

Our recruitment process is involved because we are committed to bringing on new members that have a real passion for the pirating life style and can become a valued member of our community. We care more about what is between your ears then how many SPs you have accumulated and what ships you can fly. Don't waste our time and yours trying to impress us with either.

Start the application process here.


  1. Best luck in your recruitment efforts--Bastards are great guys to fly with! I miss y'all!

  2. Thanks Mynx! Good luck with the CSM! you have my votes!