Saturday 3 April 2010

Return of the Capsuleer

Yay! I am finally back on Capsuleer! Roc Wieler has spent infinite hours with a team of 20 specialists, Apple engineers and CCP devs to get this blog working again.

Your time has been much appreciated Mr Wieler, I shall ensure your efforts will not go unrewarded!

For those that only Read me on Capsuleer, here’s what you have missed;

2nd March 2010

Reluctant Blog Pack Drop Out

I briefly got kicked from the blog-pack but CK has a soft spot for sad panda’s.

5th March 2010

A bio that made me chuckle.
6th March 2010
Lakisha my entry for this contest
A short fictional story with some artwork. I didn’t win btw.

8th March 2010

One of the most popular post since I started this blog!
11th March 2010
After all the Drake-bashing I figured someone should say something nice…
12th March 2010
A review on some pirating action.

17th March 2010

I am a dad again!!!

19th March 2010

My response to the 3rd Blog Banter this year

25th March 2010

Forcing myself to go solo. With success too! Top of the killboard!!!

30th March 2010

Finally realising my blog is not on Capsuleer I requested if anyone else did have it…

31st March 2010

The return of Celebrity Death Match!

That’s all you missed! Check them out, leave me a comment, follow my blog, stroke my ego!

Watch this space…

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