Tuesday 13 April 2010

Meme; Whats in your Hangar?

Whats in your Hangar?

Hell why not, this seems like a topic I can participate in…

I actually have several hangars in use at the moment (Egghelende, Old Man Star, Barlequet, Ardar, and Hevrice) but I shall discuss my main hangar in Evati to give you an idea of what I have. Too many times have I lost a ship and not had anything to replace it with resulting in annoyance and therefore I generally keep my fleet well stocked up.

For starters when I have little time, am bored or it simply needs doing I make fitting packages. A fitting package is simply a medium container with a full set of fittings for a particular ship. The package will include ammo for the guns and double that amount to put in the cargo hold, drones, modules and rigs. I do this so I can quickly fit up any ships, keep my hangar tidy but mainly so that if I move large amounts of ships around I don’t have to repackage ships and lose rigs etc.

On top of that I split all my further items in large station containers to keep everything nice and tidy. Bulk buy is my style and at times my hangar is better stocked than Jita…

I have run out of clever names by now so more than likely all future ships are called ‘Baby on Board’. On top of that I number my ships too, for example ‘Baby on Board IV’ to indicate how many I have lost so far and later numbers may have slightly better fittings due to better skills etc.

Anyways here’s my list of ships at the moment;

I always have 1 fully fit and rigged ‘Kessy of Doom’ more for sentimental reasons than anything. ‘Kessy of Doom’ was the ship I flew in the early CDM’s but it never sees action anymore these days. Apart from one ready to roll Kestrel I have 3 spare hulls.

Named ‘Chack’Nul’ after the pilot who killed me in this ship (twice now), I simply copied his fit as I liked it very much. It rarely sees action these days and has 6 spare hulls.

This was to be my frigate of choice until I can fly a Rifter competently. I am still looking for a fit that suits me hence non are fit and I have 3 repackaged hulls.

‘The Bleeding Rose’ was left to me after a CDM with Galen. (yes he beat me). I also have 5 spare Rifter hulls but I can’t actually fly any just yet. I am currently completing another 36 days worth of skills before I will strap myself into this beast.

I have 2 fully fitted Worms in Evati at the moment, one fit with dual propulsion and one with a huge shield buffer. I have had some decent kills with this ships but I must admit that the lack of DPS has made me favour different faction Hulls. Both ships are named ‘Korako’.

Federation Navy Comet
My personal flavour of the month! I like the Comet as I can fit it to my current style and does an amazing amount of DPS. I currently have one fitted and named ‘Baby on Board VII’ and 2 spare hulls.

Again I can’t fly this but I felt the need to own some for when I can. I purchased two of these but gave one to Roc Wieler for fixing Capsuleer/Nashh Blog Issues. Read all about that disaster here.

I don’t fly this ever. It’s simply there as a remnant of Hulkageddon II.

I can fly both Gallente and Caldari Stealth Bombers but currently only have two in stock after I lost 2 in CDM 19. All my Stealth Bombers are named ‘Silent but Deadly’ and have either Target Painters or Sensor Dampners.

Sensor Boosted ‘Black Bird’ has seen some action in the early days at the Bastards but is gathering dust at the moment. Its paper thin hull has made it less appealing over time however I do keep 2 spare hulls also.

Two unfit, repackaged Kitsune hulls are gathering dust as I don’t have a suitable fit for them yet.

For a little while I started naming vessels after the 7 sins, I have since given up on that but ‘Envy’ has kept its name. So far she has only participated on one kill but I would like to take her out again.

I absolutely love my Ishkurs even though they are expensive and I lose them at an alarming rate. I currently have one fit up as my standard style and 3 spare hulls. I have experimented with a ‘kiting’ version with reasonable success but I enjoy the ‘in your face damage’ of my cookie cutter.

Still practising this bad boy and occasionally take experimental fits out for a spin. Mixed results and after losing my Enyo with Roc I have not refitted either of the spare hulls I have in Evati right now.

Just 2 repackaged hulls. I have fitting package ready for an ‘anti-frigate-caracal’ but I never fly this.

I have the hull of the vessel I flew in a CDM against my now CEO Flashfresh. I won that fight which had as a rule; BS sized Weapon on a cruiser hull. Great fun trying to find a possible fit for that one, try it…

By far my most favourite Cruiser hull. Because of this ship I carry a PG-4 implant. I don’t take her out enough to be honest but I have scored 40 kills in its hull type for 8 losses. I currently have 2 fit and 5 spare hulls.

Unfit as I haven’t got a suitable fit just yet.

Most my kills are still in the Drake and I do have a soft spot for them. I have one standard fit and one Podla fit drake ready at all times. It has been a while since I have taken the drake out tbh but only because of my Frigate frenzy of late. All my Drake’s are called ‘Bait’ and usually get a chuckle in local. 4 spare hulls.

This ship is so versatile it is mind boggling. I currently have a buffer fit called ‘Buffoon’ Ready to go with 4 spare hulls. ‘Buffoon’ recently took out 2 missioning Canes by itself and a similar fit also once got attacked by 12 Frigates and T2 Frigates. It died but took 5 of the little pesky ships with him. I would love to experiment more with this ship, shield tanking, lazors, duel rep, triple rep…

One unfit hull. I have a fully fit Domi in my Ardar hangar but it rarely sees action.

Other than that I have a selection of Shuttles, noob ships and Zephyrs, don’t ask me why, I don’t know. There are lots more ships I can fly or would like to have but I havent been shopping for a little while so perhaps towards the end of the month this post would have been more interesting.

So now you know what’s in my hangar… what’s in your hangar?


  1. Kewl. I have a soft spot for my Drakes also, even though I hardly ever fly them any more. Although I do have a new HAM fit I'm dying to try out.

  2. Great post there Nashh. I am surprised that you kept that rupture but there you go! I like the idea of your fitting packages, very handy and this post has made me want to check out my own little corner. You're spot on about some of the ships hulls by the way: the vexor is one of the best T1 hulls around and the versatility of the myrmidon needs to be experienced.

  3. Reading about some of these hangars has me motivated to work on building mine up.

    Why is the Vexor so nice?? Is it because it's a smaller version of the Myrm?? I personally haven't used it at all, but thought I might give it a try.

    I can't wait until I can afford to PvP with a couple of Myrmidons. I lvl 4 mission run with it right now passive shield - I had no idea it could shield tank like that. I have seen nice double-rep fits....it seems like you can fit it almost any way you want and still win with it.

  4. @ Rixx; Yeah a lot of pilots prefer hams because of extra damage but the extra range on heavy's cant be beaten and is more usefull in more different scenarios. whatever floats your boat though =)

    @ Flash; big soft sentimental bastard me =)

    @ Okam; I shall make a post about the Vexor soon and i am sure you'll agree its the sex!

  5. Hey Nash! what happened to that Navy Caracal I've given you that won the first epic deathmatch? you still got it? did it die in some glorious death at least?

  6. sorry for late reply qp! no i still have the navy caracal but it is in a different hangar. I have changed the fitting on it however. its now a sniper! LOL